Trek Roundtable: TNG's 'The Drumhead'


Your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading you've discovered the Omega particle stream back to the alpha quadrant and Beyond Beyond here's your house the Anchorman of the Federation the doctor of the lithium. This is Jonathan began. Yes, welcome to the Omega particle. I am your gracious and humbled host Jonathan Wiegand the Anchorman of the Federation the doctor will lithium and I welcome you to this broadcast today. I have the pleasure pleasure to welcome three of my lifelong best friends for another Trek Roundtable episode. I have an absolute blast making these it's an absolute joy to have them back off. And today we are covering t&g famous episode The drumhead and it directly links in an Easter egg way and we'll get into it back to our first Truck Round Table, but it's a great episode and we have some fresh perspectives we're bringing in cuz Richard is not really a super big Trekkie. I think this is the first episode he's ever like seriously watched. So it was great hearing his perspective as well as Alan and Jason's definitely think them so much for coming on and I very much appreciate it moving on to some light housekeeping again. We're having our spooky episode of October 31st that's coming out this Saturday and then we'll also continue on with our Discovery reviews after that. Yeah, I won't hold you back much longer. This is a great episode and I I just can't wait for you guys to hear it, but I just want to welcome you all to the Trek Round Table. News team assemble wage. Oh my gosh. Okay. We don't I don't get paid enough for this. I don't get paid anything for this. You guys are getting paid. I'm not getting paid. All right, let's get this show on the road. Welcome to our Star Trek Round Table. We have Alan Jason and Richard. They are scattered across the country. And today we will be talking about the famous. My personal favorite TNG episode The drumhead and yeah, so welcome guys off. It's great to be here great to be back fantastic. So I know just give a little pre preface for the listeners and the audience out there Richard. You don't see you never watch Star Trek. Correct? Not once in my life, so this is your first time for real. Yeah, I mean if we're unless we're counting like me walking through a room light fare Lobby of a hotel and it's playing in the you know in the background than that, then there's usually what that's usually what hotel lobby show. That's the go-to. That's what gets them all in there and mingling. Is this the best of both worlds. Perfect. The listeners will get it. Don't worry dig. Okay, great. Yeah, but Alan Alan's Jason are coming back for the second time. We did the very first round table with like a month month and half ago. Yeah sounds about right it's so seriously there it feels like years ago. I've been counting the days. It's been very hectic the past month and half and we have a big election coming up which we will not talk about at all. . Anyway or will we did this episode have implications for not get involved? I mean, I don't care to go there. I mean, I don't pay any. I mean, it's he could not like there's a lot of witch hunts and paranoia in

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