When Car Companies Help In Times of Crisis



Welcome to car stuff folks, thanks for tuning in I am. What of Your Host Ben? Bolan and I am Kurt Gerron and like many of us in the world today a Kurt and I are recording remotely from our separate bunkers tower. Good Pal, the Walter Jesse Pink Ben. Scott Benjamin couldn't make it today, but as well and sends his regards Kurt. I want to check in before we get started. How are you doing man? How how long have you been? In this lockdown stage, I guess about three three and a half weeks now they've been well the. Just hanging in there like many people out there. How about you been I've been you know I've been doing pretty well. Ev- actually have actually taken the habit of just getting out on the road just to get out of the house. You know I'm not really I don't really have a reason to go anywhere. I don't have because I'm stocked up on everything I could need, but I've always loved road trips I. Finally got a reliable vehicle before all this stuff went down, and so for anyone familiar with the Atlanta area, our fair metropolis, usually as terrible terrible traffic and I have been driving around to eighty five, which is an interstate that encircles. Atlanta I've just been driving around it and it's A. It's a great drive. Dude, because there's never any traffic now. Is it used to be notoriously busy and choked up and now you can just zoom on by. I would say I feel like we do have to point out if you're listening and you're in an area where you have been told that you cannot take any. Non Essential trips then. Please abide by that to the best of your ability. But I haven't been stopped by anybody. You know I haven't been like hot, rotting or red lining anywhere, but it's good to get out there in nature I mean I. Don't know if if you all have been going on any hikes or anything. Oh, yeah, it's been very important for me at least for my sanity to get out there and enjoy. Some of the spring weather which I love so much. But running in my neighborhood and Going on walks and just trying to stay away from those purpose built pass because I hear that people are all over those these days for some reason, oh, yeah, yeah, it's it's real strange think I think we're learning. Just how much of a toll cabin fever can take on people? But as many folks have said not just in our country, but abroad in Australia in Europe in in Asia every country that's dealing with his current covid. Nineteen pandemic has set this at some point. We're all in this together and this guy you and I thinking about some tremendously impressive acts, both in the current day, and in the past, so Kurt a little while ago off air, you and I were were just. Kicking around ideas, just shooting the breeze and we started talking about how a believer conversation started when when we were talking about how Tesla the electric car company run by Elon Musk had pledged to start building ventilators to help with hospitals that were in short supply and to help patients who needed these medical devices so that they could get over the hump. Hump of infection, which can be, you can be quite dangerous. but of of medical ventilator is something that you wouldn't really expect a car company to build even one. That's a little bit more Sifi like Elon Musk. You know because he's known for his crazy Sifi ideas. Yeah, unless rewind several weeks ago when this thing was ramping up in the United States. Elon Musk came out on twitter and said the corona virus. Panic is dumb. That kind of rubs people the wrong way Perhaps what he was saying was that. Panic isn't necessarily a productive reaction. So what he is decided to do is to use some of the minds. He has working for him at Tesla to create ventilators. Spills can use because there's a high likelihood that has this virus progresses that there will be a need for ventilators throughout the country He has also been buying machines from other places where he. He can, he's been buying blessing truths of type than later known as the be Pat Yup machine and doctors in New York at Mount Sinai have been able to come up with a way to turn these into fully-fledged ventilators save put out a fifteen page instruction manual, and now other hospitals can use that manual took convert these types of machines over a two. Full on ventilators as well so all of this. Problem Solving and ingenuity is really exciting. In a time when there's not a lot of excitement to be had.

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