And recognize the importance of preserving these voices for generations to come which is one All the road again. Just wait to get on the road again. I love is. Megan music was my friend. Wait all. Pam Alison berry, and this is tactical talk. Welcome back to the bad ashtray if your regular, and if you're new here big welcome to you to number one on the scoreboard. And that's all down to you guys. It's team effort you guys out there as force multipliers. Letting folks know that we have the most interesting most fascinating warriors on planet earth. So two part team. There are credible words that hang out with us. And you guys were getting the word out. So big thank you to you guys for that too. All right. So who's on deck would we have this week? I'm really looking forward to introducing guys to a meal, we're going to be talking when vacation when luxury vacation spots become battlefields. No joke. We're going to be talking about that. Morales are going to be. I'm going to be hitting him up and ask him about Ubisoft the games, you guys know fan. I know a lot of you guys are fans. This is a great opportunity for a meal to take us behind the scenes because he is a technical advisor there. You've soft tail. Very seriously getting things, right. So I thought what a cool opportunity for him to take all of us behind the scenes and learn what goes on to create these award-winning and absolutely crushing video games. So if you're interview games, this is definitely an episode. You're not gonna wanna miss and mentioned this one to your friends. They're into video games to also let's see what else am I going to ask a meal about we'll talk about daring rescues special forces and also probably a lot about unseen places. Circling back to that Luxuria vk shin spots that have turned into battlezones Kasali. There's so many gorgeous places in this world that have become conflict ridden an meal has been their first hand and seen both sides of it the beauty. And then also just the carnage that goes down when conflicts erupt in violence violence destroys these incredible credible places that we've got going on. In fact, a meal has been serving for thirteen years in special forces with the army and continues to. Serve. He's a medic. So I promise I won't get him on the so box about the turn of kits. You guys get it something easy. We can all do to save a life c couldn't help myself. I just said that. But let's see what else. Should we talk about today? We'll I'm going to get asked him to share some stories about places like Nepal. Thailand. Philippines. So we're going to be doing a lot of globe trotting today. And it would be remiss not to mention that one of a meal secret skills is acting in fact, he's been professionally trained to be an actor. So you can definitely expect some riveting story delivery today. He's he's a pro. I mean, they have you definitely on edge of. He's funny. He's like really gritted delivering punchline. So I can't wait to see him in Hollywood comedy. But he also has this just this way of making you feel like you're they're immersed in the moment. So I'm really stoked for you guys to hear firsthand from him about some nail biting daring rescues that he was involved in. And we're going to cover a lot of ground. I'm sure there's gonna be some suspense, some hilarity and laughing, and I'm not gonna swing send some softballs atom in terms of icebreakers because as an actor unlike most operators had tons of public speaking training, so you can rely on me to give him a heart. Okay. You know, time for our housekeeping. We gotta do that every week and manners are important to us as they are you. So first off just want to underline that thank you. I mentioned in the beginning to all you guys helping get the word out. It's really important all of us. It's a passion project to try to connect these incredible. Voices with as many people as possible give as many Americans as possible the opportunity to hear about their experiences and learn from their insights and just get inspired and fired up to go out there and crush at ourselves. I want to say thank you couldn't make this happen without support from partners who genuinely care about our military and our military families, and our veterans voices

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