Turn Around, Bright Eyes, Part 2


Support for hit parade comes from facebook the pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. It's also going to change the way we vote naturally there are a lot of questions whether it's how to vote by mail when to register or how to vote safely in person. That's why facebook has created the voting information center full of up to date state specific information to help you find the answers to your questions and make sure your vote is counted because a vote counted is a voice heard for official information from election authorities visit facebook, dot com slash voting Info Center. During his first decade. Jim. Steinman had worked with a range of people in the theater world but in the pop world, his main claim to fame was still meatloaf. It was only in the early eighties as Jim and meet became professionally estranged that steinman began working with a wider range of pop collaborators. One of them would be the vehicle for his most enduring song but she had already had hits of her own years before she met Jim. Steinman. By. Bonnie Tyler born in skewing Wales began recording in London in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy six, and by the end of that year she had her first. British top ten hit the poppy Abba. Esque lost in France reached number nine in the UK a little over a year later however, Tyler scored an even bigger hit around the world. Off. It's. Was Not only a blockbuster single reaching number four in the UK and a remarkable number three in America. In the summer of one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight it also established a vocal persona for Bonnie Tyler a rough hewn throaty. Voice a kind of gravelly female Annalong tyrod Stewart. The challenge of course, with a fluke smash like it's a heartache is following it up. The songs country music overtones led her management to push Bonnie toward Twang songs at a time when country pop crossover was doing well on the charts. However, Tyler's nineteen seventy-nine single. My guns are loaded only managed to bubble under the hot one hundred peaking in America at number one, hundred seven. By nineteen eighty-one after several flop singles and albums, Bonnie Tyler fired her management and signed to a new label CVs records when asked by her new team whom she'd like to work with Tyler said, she wanted the modern equivalent of the Phil. Spector sound something big and soulful and she figured a one guy who could do that is the man behind meatless bat out of hell. A Tyler chased after Jim Steinman at first he wasn't interested eventually he had an idea of how they could maybe work together and he agreed to a meeting when they met Steinman decided to test tyler by playing her two of his favorite songs from two totally different bands one by swamp rabbit hit makers creedence clearwater revival. Have you ever seen the rain? and. The other Deep Cup by prog metal band? Blue. Oyster. Going through the motions.

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