A Rare Conversation with Former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie

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Sam hinkie welcome to USPS daily. Hi Pablo. Sam Let's be very clear about what's happening here. You don't really talk to people in this way very often you have reminded me for a long time as a mixture of like I say this with all the complementary nature to it I hope you receive, but there's a j d salinger aspect maybe Greta Garbo more your speed wizard of Oz kind of thing. So why are you breaking said silence with me right now is You're you're lifting expectations. I don't know if I can keep up but I'll I'll I'll do my best. I do talk every day I, just don't talk to you and your colleagues at ESPN. On television every day it's not everyday. You get a chance to guess up on your friend who just had something awesome happened in their life that happens to coalesce with a bunch of my life. So that's why. Yeah well, let's get into it because. Darryl Maury, your former boss colleague, your friend. Just, got higher this week to dear old job, which is president of basketball operations at the Philadelphia Seventy sixers. What was your reaction to that news? Of stoked. I'm stoked. Now it's I think it's great news I think he's a he's not a good higher. He's a great heart. It's a really big move the franchise for Franchisee Carolina. Belt. With a bunch of people that I care belt and. I just think it portends really great things for the future for the sixers which remains to this day remains meaningful to me and so So I'm stoked first of all, did you know before I knew which is to say, did you know before Woche tweeted about this on Wednesday after do all Paulo the nature of compounding trust with people over long periods of times being careful about what you say what you know? I I'll say this I like. Deporting to me. Maybe, the sounds facetious but it's me It's important to me to. Earn Trust with people and a lot of ways. One of the ways you do that as a be careful about what or when you knew anything. So I can sense the drawbridge raising a little bit slower jump car. We're one minute into timer to our conversation. Here you go with like Zingers Zingers I'm trying to scale the castle and they'll let me let me let me try something else because. I understand that completing these days tell me about a private conversations please. Wouldn't mind sharing your social security information. Well, that'd be very helpful but I WANNA get into what you mentioned earlier, which is that this coalesce around your story as well in a way that makes you a very timely person to talk to on the record at a sports publication like ESPN daily I mean the metaphor. Sam. For what has happened this week that I have set that I've landed on that I'm settling upon is that the Philadelphia? Seventy sixers I mean they kind of just hired their ex wife's older sister. So in this metaphor, I think you know that you are the X in this case and I want to ask you first about. That I mean, this must have felt in some way as much as you're excited about this stoked, and by the way, it's a godsend for sixers fans. Everywhere like I would argue that it must be kind of weird also. I mean eight hasn't begun yet. So we'll see a suspect they'll be on occasion it'll be a little. A little strange but mostly, it be great I. THAT'S A. You're. Only a mind like yours would come up with a with an analogy like that. It's I think of it as a obviously a good thing for Daryl and something he wanted to do which is awesome and I think a good thing for the sixers and. God bless them for that answer I think it's I think it's a great answer and regardless of the. Oddity of it I mean make my simple. I've been on Sixer Fan and a rock fan more than the other teams. For a while, I can continue to do that. Let's go. Yeah I want to know how much you've actually gotten to watch year old team your old franchise. How much have you gone to see the Philadelphia Seventy sixers play basketball over these last four years since you resigned from the team I watch a bunch of for sure I. Don't watch every game and I surely don't watch all of every game I live on the West Coast and so post dinner a lot of nights you can gets the fourth quarter and I'm as guilty some fans that you know games close turn it on and the game's not close in. It's not that interesting with. A minutes ago and you you know. Live to watch another day Yeah I I watch and I. I keep track a lot because I. Care about I care about how they do and I care about a bunch of people who care about. The people on the floor so yeah, I'm a I'm a fan from afar.

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