Weekly Zeitgeist 149 (Best of 10/26/20-10/30/20)


Is the weekly Zeitgeist. What is underrated roommates? Everybody's always complaining about the roommates. But again, my roommate's helped me with my dog Oh, they're very sweet and they're it's also good to have roommates that are not in comedy here again. Have other lives and aren't narcissistic. Yeah. Yeah I feel like having roommates who aren't necessarily like part of your same scene or like your friends. That's something I never did. But like I've now known people who. There well, your kids both have podcasts. On this network yeah just hasn't dropped. Or we're trying to get their language skills up to. One. Year old is really struggling I. I totally agree with you. Yeah. It's like way I like living with people who also like have a limited grasp on what you do and vice versa. Being back at home with parents who are like Oh that you use that in your little comedy Give you ideas because they're not just talking about comedy the whole time. So they're like, Oh, I read this article about this other. Just on twitter or like did you know this thing was invented by this and you're like what? Level of sincerity can't access in your your. Life it's great. It's great. Yeah. Speaking of all sorts of orgasms Jamie you saw cats I. Oh. Okay. So we have you seen cats I. I saw the original cats on broad fucking. Way. Child and this. Love it. I okay. Honestly the only thing I remember was like during Intermission, they had the like the main King Cat Guy I don't remember any of it for that but like they had the main guy, just sit up on stage Lange cat yeah and you can like. Around him and take a picture and he just like sat still. Running. The cats come into the do they do that in Broadway on on from I? Don't remember them being near me, but they were like all over the place. Yeah because I'd seen to local productions of IT, which is I. Seeing like it. I would love to see a production of cats that was like by competent performers because I've seen to local ones and they were incredible. But for probably not the right reasons I thought you were GONNA say that one performance by cats floor again. To See, cat, let's see where cats is. Okay. So okay. So cats it is I think I think the new rocky horror in terms of everybody has been awesome. Yeah. People will watch it at midnight. It's so horrific to look at but I I i. loved it so much. It's so good. It's so horny. There's no it's one of the great things about it is that there's no way to spoil it for anyone. You can just talk about cats freely because the. Plot is nothing. It's just cat after cat over cat coming up being I'm the cat the does this thing and then Idris Elba shows up and turns them into dust and not also kind of has nothing to do with the plot but OBA is the villainous cat right and he's giving it one, hundred, ten percent God only knows how long it'll take him for him to bounce back from this because he was supposed to be James Bond and now he's this cat rate. Thank you still just permanently this cash I I'm I don't he really key. People committed to the cats we at varying levels and I found who is the least committed the lease Oh that's a good question. The least committed I would say would probably have been Taylor swift and she was still pretty kind of even know she was in it. She's in it. They clearly had her for two days but she was in it. She plays like Idris, Elba's like FEM fatale cat early quin facial. Okay basically joker yourself. But she they they wrote a song for her. There's all these great Kerr's images of her and Andrew Lloyd Webber sitting down together and like what could they be talking about? But she. Beata. But so she is in it and they like the things that they do to. The cat bodies are very bizarre like some cats have very voluptuous human features and others are just cats. And then like what's your name like unzipped her for that rebel Wilson that I think is the one that people have seen who haven't even seen them. UNZIPS her for and there's more for but hot pants. The roaches are also in that scene rebel Wilson I would say is one of my least favorite cut it's not a her thing. It's just it's just a hard a hard part of the movie. Eating roaches she's eating roaches and then these zoom in on the roaches and the roaches kind of like dancers circus dareus, and they have top hats have human faces and we don't like it. Bill cats eat roaches no. I mean they eat rodents but it's not like. Yeah I. Don't I don't. Yeah. I. Don't know like my daughter's speech with approaches before like just because I saw a big bug and it seemed like something fun to eat feel like it's more like accidental than a cat thing. Exactly. But this league, the scene that I saw, it seemed like it was a they had a hunting methods. Knock it off the the whole thing is, I think Ian mckellen committed hardest to being a cat in the traditional sense he's really swishing around. On Iran. Basically looks to cameras camera. You're like, wow well, I've my favorite cat was Jason Derulo cat okay he was unbelievable committed harder than ever seen an and also on the cat press tour he was like this is Genius, this is the best fucking thing that's ever happened. And he was mad. He was sent that they edited out his ball. Jason really into his ball loves US too. Yeah which I know for sure because I know because. I went to stop the ending me. I went to Madame Toussaud's recently Oh, and they have a wax Jason Derulo and the package. Off Yeah. Yeah. It was clearly a part of the contract and go their. Children go there. It's their markedly package level to. The children are at it was it was alarming how? So there was it started with his instagram post where he was wearing underwear and his was just like. Had his big thing hanging out to the side I love his I love that story so much because he likes said, she got taken down. He fought back he he clamped back. Bulge. And then he also said that that picture was candid rich. If you saw it was clearly taken by like it looks like Annie Liebowitz Junior. Not can't picture Oh. Jason to rule. Now, there is some controversy from cats a about whether Ima Cowan's character eats his boyfriend cats asshole or not. well, I I don't know Y- I. I'd have to see a third time to. Rose A. A lot of people I know twice. Really confusing the first time I mean yeah and then the second time you're just like you just kind of go to this other I don't know I. saw it in a big group the first time in a smaller group the second don't go alone. Definitely don't go alone and don't go like to an afternoon screening. It's meant to be in a group full of people that are like vibrating at night and Brainier cat Jennifer Hudson. is I mean it's like Shit.

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