In Pennsylvania, Fracking and Renewables Compete for the Future


Year's presidential election. As I am sure you've heard It's It's also also one one of of the the key key states states for for the the fracking fracking industry industry up up and and down down the the ballot. ballot. As As I'm I'm sure sure you you have have also also heard heard Fracking Fracking for for gas gas has has long long been been thought thought of of as as a a bridge to get us to wherever the cost of wind and solar Has made those renewables as cheap as gas and his marketplaces. Scott Song reports. A couple of new studies suggest that time may already be here. It just gets cheaper and cheaper to make solar panels and wind turbines, says analyst Marlene Metical at Deloitte. The actual cost of the components are declining, but also the efficiency. Of the technology is increasing, so the wind turbines are now becoming larger and larger, and as a result, solar and wind are now the cheapest ways to add power generation in most of the world, says a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Another report from the investment bank, Lazard says building and maintaining the solar or wind farm costs as much as keeping an existing gas plant running, all of which threatens the market for natural gas. Nico Sappho said. The Center for Strategic and International Studies, says pressure's mounting for folks in the gas business. This may be an industry that could be shrinking in 10 15 20 years so How can I be sure that my project is the one that survives? So it puts you in that mindset rather than a mindset where everything is growing their space for everyone. A typical natural gas power plant last 20 years or so bye, then wind and solar will be thriving. So some gas plants will have to shut down early, predicts Sue Tierney at the analysis group consultancy. You would expect to see disclosure statements by companies that there will be much slower utilization rates or a truncated life that's being discussed in a lot of places. Because of that, Tierney thinks a lot of money invested in the natural gas business won't be made back. I'm Scott Tongue for

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