As virus cases rise across the U.S., records topple



On Thursday, the number of Corona virus cases recorded daily in the U. S reached more than 86,000. Beating the record from last Friday. More than nine million Americans have now tested positive. David give us the countrywide snapshot over the past week. What's changed? Yeah, I think they're really bad. Suffice to say, and we've had a lot of records this week, nine million cases overall, more hundreds more than 25,000 deaths in the first case, I think was reported 282 days ago, and it's striking to me from North Carolina and yesterday that state had its highest daily total. It's had since the beginning of the pandemic and was one of I think, like 20 states where that was the case, so We're seeing these surges across the country in the majority of states for sure, and you look at a handful of them. They're in a situation that we were in here in New York early on, which is Having really concerned about their ability, hospitalized patients who need it. And you know, we do have a firmer grasp on how to treat Cove in 19. Fewer people are Being hospitalized for it generally, But in states like Wisconsin and Utah, you're hearing from health officials from government officials really concerned about their capacity of these hospitals, and it reminds me yes, of what things were like here in New York that summer, I was in Texas as well. I was in Houston when they were reaching capacity. They're in What is a city with the largest medical system in the world, and I will say, having reported on it. That fear is a crazy thing for a lot of people to think of the fact that there might not be enough beds to accommodate those who need them. I haven't mentioned deaths yet. That's obviously a lagging indicator, but we've seen those tick up in recent weeks. As well. So there is a real seriousness to this. That's been the case from Day one. It seems to be coming into finer focus, and we'll talk about this more. I'm sure of it really stands in contrast to the picture that President Trump and his supporters were painting of how this is affecting the country.

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