Selling Dead People's Things


Thank you very much for joining us today. Guede off been really looking forward to our conversation. I read your book selling dead. People's things selling did people's i. reachable. End i absolutely loved it. I loved and i could really relate to a lot of what you head to save so the hips. We could start by giving us a little bit of background on how you go into. The area of dealing with seeking hand will proved loved items. Sure sure your at. When i was thirty i head up paralegal company and we just typing typing and i had said it wasn't happy i just i i simply was unhappy and on the side i would. I would go to us. Sales and thrift stores like a lot of people do resale shops. And that's all decorated my apartment. I wouldn't buy anything new if i could buy food. I would hope everything was used vintage stores that really just to look at things. I didn't really have a whole lot of money But i just loved that. I would do that on the weekends. I just realized i was so unhappy. Doing what i was doing So i used to store an a big antique store in chicago as just as a customer and and shop and The woman who was the owner's wife was a bit of a very sweet. But a bit of a chatty kathy and and we just kind of became friends of just Jesse what i would do. When i sit out legal and i and i ride advertising copy for businesses and the one time i came in and she said oh you know would you. Would you try to help us advertise and promote the store. And i thought well gee that would be kinda cool. Because it's things. I am interested in and then she says i don't have. We don't have any money but we'll give you a space in the store to sell your fakes again. I don't know what i'm doing. Clueless really. I'm that end of it. So then had you know stuff and then a place to sell it but really not any now which of doing. And they gave me this little booth in the basement And that's how i actually started professionally Selling to the public so you could start any lower level than the bottom of the stairs at abassi end. You obviously are concede the screen behind. You looks very Ticklish i look back i me too. I live in the city with the end ended. A nightmare was destroyed by massive quake in the cities in they revolted totally will almost totally not drinker style. Wow what's the name of the city. Napier museums it check data manipur yep is a a random of sterling silver is debut as well so i'll remember this only. The screen was from a pool house. people had an indoor pool and with screen by go behind it. Get into your bathing suit. So right i have to. I know and also yeah i stick right away when you came up on screen he a. I actually noticed it before. What does that it its shape. It's fabulous so you got into you. Say you started. Sending you pre loved is comes in a kind of leap from the yeah. Yeah and it was. I mean i was selling of fifties things you know if things in the nineteen fifties so end this is all nineteen eighty-eight out nineteen eighty eight and then they They people own the store and there were like a hundred dealers who had rented space. But you know this was my bill. And then i became the basically the assistant manager there. So he's able to learn. Learn a lot like just very quickly And then they It said oh you know there's a guy who wants to have a space here. He is wisconsin so he couldn't take care of a booth he could. He's got the merchandise but he couldn't he couldn't do the retail end of it and so they introduced us and that was my business partner jets which i write about in the book so that was just. We were the perfect pair for this. And then we just kinda win crazy for like a couple years very short amount of time which means it meaning that whenever we had time we would run around really most of the mid and chicago all surrounding states illinois so Indiana and kentucky was wisconsin of course an iowa all the surrounding middle states. And just bring all this stuff to chicago in down into that basement and then we got them. We started actually renting space from these owners. So we just got bigger and bigger and bigger so. We had one third of the basement. amendment place went out of business. Which was another whole experience. I write about getting the book. What it's like you what it's like to fail you learn more in life from the things. Don't go well and things to do. That's actually you do in learning experiences on a yup. I mean when you're in the good times you go like hey that's great. You know feeling lucky but when you need to turn it all around. That's the challenge and

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