A highlight from TSP Public Service Announcement


Isn't an episode juice yet. The good news is from next week. I have just books. Three incredibly exciting guests to record and i'm hopeful for another three week after so we're going to be about five weeks in advance. After that first one goes out. We should see us over christmas into the new year. Keep on getting them in the bank. The only reason we haven't been able to give you the consistency of every thursday episodes. We have been there for three years As because i've been very fortunate i have been back filming which has been such a lifesaver account begins to tell you an doesn't fold by the wayside. How look i am to be doing that. So i'm really sorry to be giving you the episodes the other thing that i love to do. He's to oh this podcast as you. Well know so what i thought i would do. Is this monday. The seventh of december. I'm going to record five. Pm and it's going to be your episode. So why i want you to do is get questions in to me to show pod g mouth dot com or on twitter. The dm's or in instagram though gets to me and will save through will ask the best ones that can be about anything. Just you know every something your going through About guests about the podcast. You're likes your dislikes. I mean nothing to negative negatively this year But you do what you need to do but get questions into me by. Let's realistic time. Sunday night so sunday. The six of december at eight pm eight pm. uk standard time and then. I'll draft all the questions and one of a little here and i. Which is you know if this will be the listeners episode. Is your episode. get your questions in. We'll get this episode out as soon as

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