A highlight from Anastasia: Once Upon a Time (Blake Harris; 2020)


Hi my name's allie. And this is the reuss fouls unite podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection as always i am joined by a guest and today my guest is samantha burke at hi sam thank you for joining us heroic my pleasure okay so before we talk about the film that we're going to be watching today. Sam could you tell us a little bit about yes so i am currently the news editor at the moscow times. I'm based here in moscow. Russia and i've been living here for about a year and a half and yeah mainly i guess i write about culture and arts just anything really related to social issues or general news. General news Lily anything. yeah the the moscow times was very much a staple of my life moscow as as someone. Who's russian it. Still not brilliant and certainly is incredibly rusty but For the first few years. I was that that it was basically non-existent just having some kind of like means of like finding out about what was what was going on and you know that was broader than just weston coverage of russia which seems which is like very limited to conflict. Really really kind of big deal stuff. So as far as journalism is concerned. Is that something that you always wanted to do. Or how did you kind of get into the profession on. I mean i studied journalism in college. And i mean for me. It was just always knowing that writing was my thing that i was good at. And i mean like if i could write books. I would totally do that. But journalism seemed like a way to just like almost like help. People become empowered to make changes in their lives by giving them information. Like that's like free and fair and balanced so. Yeah i mean journalism. That's pretty much me. It's one of those things certainly growing up. I think i kind of took for granted the at have access to like quality journalism from people who were like writing in good faith and trying to present things like in a in a fair and balanced way. But i think like the importance of is just really relieving underlines by the last few years in our own respective countries for sure it's I mean becoming more important than ever and it's if like the challenge because you now people become increasingly disillusioned with media at the same time so yeah Certain politicians on on on either side of the of the spectrum like a favorite punching bag is is. The media is like a well. The media's misrepresenting this. Oh they're not telling you that. Yeah i think i mean obviously like anything. It's it's not. It's not perfect. But i think there are plenty of people working in the field. Who are just really doing their best to to get information out there so yeah So i also saw that during you uni sorry just doing the the uk pollens rather than college you. You actually spend a bit of time studying in that island. I was really interested to ask about your experience doing that. so How did that come about and was your experiences a student in northern ireland like massively different to the state so was it quite similar. I mean basically so. I went to a university in the us called. Saint bonaventure in like a very small catholic university. And like i chose it because like five pulitzer winners among their journalism alumni anyway.

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