Remembering the Video of Hunter Biden Naked in Bed, Claiming Russians Stole His Laptop


But another Hunter Biden video out today Not because of the American media but because of the British media and in this unbalanced demonstration of mental acuity he claims that Russians stole his laptop Well the video was allegedly made some time ago He's in bed naked with a naked woman Because he's Hunter Biden it's Hunter Biden's life you know when your name is Biden a lot of benefits When you get pulled over by the police want to get into a certain school want to get a certain job like say with burisma or vice chairman of the board of Amtrak or something like that The Biden name apparently comes in handy I know this is true because Hunter Biden said so in an interview And now a new video out and you don't want to watch it I can tell you that much Although the daily mail because their British did have the good sense the good taste the decorum to blur out certain elements of the video And to bleep the sometimes coarse language that Hunter Biden was spilling out to the naked woman And I did it look like a hotel room and look kind of like hotel And I don't understand why people go around making videos of themselves doing things that you don't want to have the world

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