Even Dan Bongino Had a Better Campaign Meet-and-Greet Than Joe Biden


Than it was Now keep in mind I even managed to get three people to show up In ocean city in the winter and I never forget it because the guy who set it up was a super nice guy Charles He was an awesome guy But he had a bunch of like subway sandwiches there that was pre Megan Rapinoe so I don't ever shop there again But and I'm thinking like wow these three people are gonna have to eat about 20 of these each to get really but I thought to myself okay like that was embarrassing It was a pretty terrible meet and greet There were only three people but you know what I stayed I stayed for an hour and I sat and talked to those three people forever And we cut out a good time even though I wasn't embarrassed I'm not gonna lie to you But imagine being Joe Biden The former vice president of the United States a senator from the state of Delaware for about 700 years You've been a senator since the Game of Thrones era You've been a senator since dragons roamed the earth and were fighting against the lady in the movie and the big guy who plays Aquaman right now He wasn't a thing That's been a senator since he has been a senator since Conan the barbarian was pushing the thing around the circle when he was a kid if you've seen the movie and getting really big quads from doing it That's how long this guy's been his center He was the vice president for 8 years You do a meet and greet during your campaign and as a self circles for 12 people And only half of them are full Do you understand how embarrassing that is and why does this explain by tying this up for you I hope I am As to why Joe Biden is so uncomfortable with who Joe Biden really is Joe Biden needs to be popular He doesn't need to be

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