Episode 32: Top Five LPs From 2001 ...John's #4

Planet LP


Years old. it's survivor from destiny's child and i will tell you why because i'm glad you asked. This album has some of the rock to that. Maybe you wouldn't expect me to be as a rock guitarist to be. You know jumping towards this particular album but the title track survivor. Which you've heard on the radio. A lot is a great fine crafted pop song with beyond say and and the team there providing that three part vocal delivery they do so well there was a it was a michael jackson tribute tv show. That came out in two thousand one when destiny's child was kind of a relatively new act and they did a live version of boot delicious. Which with real guitars at three guitar players and drummer and you know porn section. And they of course the beginning of that song has that stevie nicks edge of seventeen a guitar part that they lifted but they played it so raw. Live and i remember watching beyond say looking at michael jackson taunting in nevada to boot. Alicia vol bang right adam. And he's kind of taken aback. Oh beyond say it but it was. It was powerful. And all i can say is. I didn't have the album until i saw that particular cut of that special with destiny's child doing booty leashes and i thought this song pretty rock. It's it's a rock and song. Yes it's a dance song assets movement or whatever you want to say but there's a rock sensibility to it. That made me love the band and of course gone onto become a huge beyond say fan she just an amazing artist in totality. But this shows her some of her rock and best and if you followed her career at all you've seen like when she's done live shows vegas residencies whatever. She has a full band four guitars full. Everything and generally they're mostly female. She hires musicians to back her up on tour. So there's just too much not to like about this record survivor from destiny's child my number full

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