N.F.L. Week 6 Picks Against the Spread


Week seven and the nfl by the happen Last week i was nine and five Bring an overall record to fifty seven thirty seven. Which is nice against nice to have a winning record. But let's go fast forward two weeks seven hours go through some picks Broncos are playing the browns on thursday night. what an interesting game. Because you don't have bacon mayfield. You don't have nick chubb yet. Don't have kareem hunt. You have case keenum at quarterback and i am going to go with. I'm going to go. The denver broncos just because i think the defense is going to. I mean. there's no had the running game you know. There's a lie guys probably hurt for cleveland. So i'm gonna go with the denver broncos to go to cleveland and get the win against the broncos to improve their record or against the browns gives me to improve their record to four and three the colts head to the forty niners. This is tough. While i'm gonna go with san francisco. San francisco just has a better team overall. They are coming off their bye week which they didn't play obviously so they are

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