Inside the Shade War Between Joe and Kamala With Jack Posobiec


I've seen Jack talk about the shade war, I'm really interested in knowing more about Jill Biden versus Kamala, what's the dynamic like? Oh, it's huge. Build out some of that out more piece from The Bronx. Thank you. And thank you for subscribing to the Charlie Kirk show podcast. Go ahead, check. There you go. Yeah, so the shade war has been going on. I mean, we all kind of know that Kamala Harris, of course, was nobody else's pick either. However, in the wake of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, Joe Biden was kind of in a box. He had to choose someone who was African American. And then so Kamala Harris was the one a lot of the media, a lot of the elites have been pushing her early on. Remember very early on she did that town hall with Jake tapper, just out of nowhere. Nobody was talking about Kamala and suddenly CNN is feeding her on the entire audience saying, oh, combo is going to be amazing. She's going to be great. Very, very naked on her feet. Obviously. But like Hillary Clinton in many ways, she's kind of the California version of Hillary Clinton, where she plays the inside game. She understands what's going on. She plays people against each other and you know, the inside politics, the office politics, the palace intrigue, if you will. I mean, look, she went from somebody who was a staffer in San Francisco all the way up to being the senator from San Francisco. People want to talk about how she did it. My point is she did it. She made it happen. Right. That's ambition. That's a 100% ambition. This is what she is dedicated her life to. So I wanted to go to Joe, and say, you know, Joe, you're not supposed to put someone as your vice president that you know will betray you, then they get the chance, right? You know, with Trump and Pence, you never had that with wish and JD. And obviously with Obama and Biden, Biden was never a threat to

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