Prop firearm fired by Alec Baldwin kills one, wounds another on movie set


An investigation is underway in New Mexico where a movie cinematographer was killed and the director wounded on the set of actor Alec Baldwin's western Authorities say Helena Hutchins was killed and Joel Sousa wounded when Baldwin fired a prop firearm on the movie set outside Santa Fe Hutchins was airlifted to the university of New Mexico hospital where she died Production on the film rust has been halted amid the investigation State media in China say Chinese real estate developer ever grand has avoided a default by making a large bond interest payment NPR's Emily Feng and Beijing says today's payment was about $83 million Evergreen narrowly escaped default by paying the interest to investors just before its grace period ended Saturday However the company still has interest payment obligations on two other Bond trenches and it owes more than $300 billion in other debts Evergreens wobbly financial status has sent shivers through China's property sector other developers are also facing defaults and home sales and home prices have plunged This is NPR news

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