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This episode is a compilation of different teachings. That i have given at our unstoppable woman income breakthrough summit and you'll learn a ton here on all sorts of topics including how to break through and be the woman who actually makes her income goal at that next next level. I work with high achievers who are going for more and yet they have found that they are blocked in some way. This is how you break through so please listening and learn. We have some great inspirational stories in this podcast as well. And if you're interested in being part of the unstoppable woman income breakthrough summit. We have one coming up in november november fifth. Sixth and seventh. And please join us. There were doing virtually and you can find out more information about how to register hat. Join amira live dot com. That's join amir alive dot com and with that let's get started with episode So hang on tight. Take lots of notes. Let's do this thing echolalia. That's the mindless repetition of the words of others. What did you learn to repeat what was said to you growing up around money. What did you hear about money growing up. You were an open fishbowl. You were a sponge for it. What did you hear growing up when you think about money. Most people are actually in total ignorance. About what it is and how it moves. They are a slave to it. It controls them. they're not a master of. Let's talk about what this means. here they are. You're wondering am i gonna make payroll. Am i going to have enough rent. Am i going to be able to take my kids on that trip or or should i buy this thing or this thing. You are not in control of the your ability to create money. So you're always living in fear of it and it's controlling you. It's it's determining what decisions you make about how you're going to live your life. This is not freedom. Money is a tool. You're dependent on it your controlled by. Is it gonna run out right. This is a a perspective issue. Is it gonna run out. There is more money in circulation now than there's ever been before but if you have the perspective if you keep repeating i might run out of money. I need to budget okay. I'm not against budgets. But i need to to not spend because it's going to. I'm going to run out and you're in fear about it all the time. You have a perspective that it's going to run out and controlling you but the truth is there's more money in circulation right now than ever before you just don't know how to create it. That's a big deal. That is a really big deal. When you're a master of money you manage control it's flow and you don't have to live in fear you enjoy it. It's fun it's a tool. When i first started off. I was in fear of money. Absolutely one hundred percent hundred percent. Okay i did not understand how to create money. I understood what was i knew. I had to do sales okay. Some people don't understand that you have to do sales. I knew i had to do sales. But i didn't understand who i needed. Be to be someone who was at ease with money who can create money whenever she wanted to. I didn't understand that. It was my self image of who i was going to determine how much money i could or couldn't make 'cause making money is easy. I know that's a radical idea for many of you. You've not had that experience yet. But it's easy. The truth is we live in an easy and abundant universe but the old self image that is embedded in who you are being right now is making it hard. It's only showing you scarcity. So what is money. Money is a medium of exchange of value. It's a tool. it is a tool. Don't let that hammer control your life. Think about

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