Trump Spokesperson Liz Harrington and Sebastian Discuss Trump's 2024 Presidential Run


President trump's spokesperson. Liz harrington let's talk about. Let's talk about your boss. I saw him. What was it two two and a half months ago. He asked me to come to trump town new york. We talked about election fraud. Great to see him you know. He's behind closed doors. He is like when you see him in the stadium with sixty thousand people. People always ask me. What's he really liked. Well what did you think you've seen him in real life. that's how he is. He's genuine but he was pissed. He was angry every right to be angry. Because of what happened in november. You talked to him regularly. How is his mood today. And you can't say on the record angus eight on the record when before i went to see him in new york said ninety five percent chance. He's running now. I would say ninety nine point nine percent chance i think the the announcement will be imminent. I presume you too well as he likes to say. I think you'll be very happy with the houses mood. He's good Obviously you know like the arizona audit results come out and you had the mainstream media just completely lying about. That's makes you angry makes me angry. But no he's

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