Security Studies Group President Jim Hanson on the Latest Putin-Biden Talks


He is a D.C. flamethrower in the best way former weapons, a special forces green beret. He is the president of the security studies group. And he's in studio one on one. Jim Hansen welcome back. Good to be with you. So much to discuss so much territory to cover. Let's start at the beginning of, well, let's start at the last 48 hours. We have the mainstream media. Desperately desperately trying to convince us, Jim, that Putin couldn't look into sleepy Joe's face because he's afraid of him. I am 100% certain that was not the case. I think Putin if anything had to be turning his head to stop from laughing into the camera. Did you pick your someone less capable of taking on a savage tyrant like Putin than Joe Biden, even at his best, that is best he was lost in space. Now he's barely able to stop drooling. There is no way Putin takes him serious. So what does that mean geopolitically? As the guy who looks at strategic stuff day in day out, we have a 100,000 troops to master along the Ukrainian border. We've got a guy called Stoltenberg in Brussels, rattling some rusty sabri Moscow with ill effect. We've got Merkel on her way out. We've got the UK obsessed with arresting people who aren't wearing masks is yesterday's quote unquote telephone summit. Is this just the prelude for him saying, okay guys, step on the gas. Yes, sucks to be Ukraine. Is the takeaway from all that? I mean, there is no reason for Putin to not do it unless Biden's actually got to pay off. It's worth it for him. Right. And that's the thing. That's the only way these guys are going to make any foreign policies by paying people. They already gassing up another plane to pay the mullahs. So the Iranian negotiations are just more proof that all you gotta do is put a little pressure on them and they'll cave. They reenacted the Obama foreign policy of cringing capitulation. And so Putin's going to take advantage

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