Iran Increased Nuclear Activities Under New Biden Admin, Compared to Trump


You Weeks after Biden's election Iran's guardian council approved a new parliamentary law mandating a significant escalation of the country's nuclear activities And what they write in this piece it's an excellent piece Benham Ben Tabu blue If I mispronounce it sorry and Andrea sticker It's a little easier What they explain is under Trump the Iranians would not do this sort of thing Because they feared him but under Biden it's almost as if they're encouraged by the actions of this administration And so when Biden got elected they started to quote phase in hundreds of events centrifuge machines That can more efficiently produce enriched uranium than older JCPOA permitted models So they put in advanced machines essential for any Iranian attempt to sneak out of its non proliferation commitments That is make a covert dash for a bomb In August they reportedly produced 200 grams of uranium metal using 20% enriched uranium Tehran is no immediate civilian need for the material which can be used in the core of a nuclear

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