Oklahoma executes inmate who dies vomiting and convulsing


The first execution in Oklahoma after a series of botched executions in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen didn't go quite as planned sixty year old John Marion grants sentence to death for the nineteen ninety eight stabbing death of prison cafeteria worker gay Carter is the first Oklahoma inmate put to death since twenty fifteen he convulsed and vomited after being given a sedative the first of three drugs used in the execution two members of the execution team wipe the vomit from his face in his neck retired AP reporter Michael Graczyk still covers executions for the Associated Press has witnessed some four hundred fifty such debts and recalls only one instance of someone vomiting during the execution in an email statement the department of corrections said the execution was carried out according to protocols and without complication six more Oklahoma inmates are scheduled to die by lethal injection through next March I'm Tim acquire

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