A highlight from #11 CPG Villagers: The Soft Spoken Russian


Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, my friend, another episode of the chasing poker greatness podcast. Today I am joined by V who's a long time member of greatness village and actually a member of my earlier community enhance your edge. He's been on the radar for many years now. I've done many coaching sessions with me. He's just an amazing amazing guy, professional poker player, former healthcare provider. V, welcome to the podcaster. How you doing? Brad, thank you. Thanks for allowing myself to introduce myself to poker community. Allowing myself to introduce allowing myself. Yeah, well, ever. Thank you for lighting myself to introduce myself to the poker community. Yeah. I understand. I understand Vita. Talking's hard. Especially, especially on speak English. Right. When it's not your native language, right? Get me on here speaking some any language other than English and, well, I can speak on a 6 month old level, I think. But first and foremost, you know, the first question to get to is tell me about your journey, your story, what led you to the world of cards. I started playing online poker during my makers when he won the World Series and shortly before that rounders came out. Like a lot of people here. I was mid 20s and still in college. Yeah. And how did this affect you? Do you remember how you felt after watching rounders specifically? I felt like, yeah, I feel like those so cool like we can live and play in the Booker, you know, even at that time I knew that you know just playing poker, I see and it's not as unsafe as these guys did like to play the home games where they can just beat up and stuff. I knew that's not the case, but at the same time I knew it was really cool to play cards for leaving. You know, leave this life. This guy's all that good stuff. You know, easy Marty. That's why I was thinking how easy to find it. Yeah, that's the alert, right? Easy. Easy money. You'll do his play. Yeah, you just gotta play. And you win, right? So after rounders, how old were you, I guess, so we can kind of set the timeline here. Did you have a career? Like, what were you doing in life at that point? I was still in college. Learning business management. Being in college was like my last year. I knew operations management was my major time is not something I want to do. Anyway, so I was looking at whatever, whatever opportunities that I had. And why didn't you want to do business management or business and operations management? It was an interesting boring to be like I was imagining cubicles for the rest of my life, you know, being fired working out carrying the box of, you know, playing with pictures out of the door. It's kind of things. You know, that's how I associate with the office job, you know, just being like stuck. Yeah, being stuck. Needing to be involved in office politics, you know, and carrying this box through the door when they don't want you anymore. Yeah, for speaking your truth or whatever it is. That's never really appealed to me either. It might not have been like that, but that's how I picture. Well, having coached and known lots of people who transitioned a poker from various fields, whether it be lawyers, accountants, healthcare, you know, there's a reason why they don't want to do what they do and want more freedom and autonomy anymore. But when you graduated school, when did you start taking poker seriously? I didn't. I actually failed at that time. You know, I thought, like I said, it was easy morning. And it's just nothing to it. I'm just going to deposit a hundred bucks, sit down on the plate. Once

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