A highlight from #57 Tactical Tuesday: $5/$10 NL Hand Review


Welcome, my friend to another episode of tactical Tuesdays. You can see if you're watching us on the YouTube channel, I have sun directly in my eyes right now. It's that time of day. I'm joined on tactical Tuesday by my co host. John, John, welcome back. Good to have you, as always. How's it going? Got some. Oh, sorry. I guess I'll let you answer how you're doing first. Yeah, it's irrelevant. I don't need to answer it. You know, I'm doing okay. That's the that's the answer. You dive straight into the video. You're just a man who wants to get to the point. No, chit chat or small talk. We didn't really have a theme for the cycle Tuesday, but we just discovered that both of these hands are through the pots where I'm in position. So that is officially the theme for this episode, even though the hands are not really related and the spots are not similar. Yeah, this is less tactical Tuesday. See, having no theme can just be a theme in and of itself. So in this seamless, stainless tactical Tuesday, John, why don't you just break down the first hand since you're just ready to get into it? Yeah. Okay, so this hand starts with a rig in the cutoff opening to $20. I three about ace of hearts king of clubs 18 offshoots to $70, folds around back to the cutoff who flats the $70 or hundred big wines effective. Not too much to talk about pre flop. Nothing. Nothing to say. Get the ace four dose two tone flop. I have the king of clubs, and there's a club flustra on board. The cutoff starts by checking and I assume I start by cutting flop for one third. You do. And the cutoff calls. Not a lot going on right now. Yeah. Actually, maybe we should note this for the listeners. Brad hasn't seen either of these hands yet. I'm pretty impressed. We're just going into these hands totally cold. This hasn't just suck. It's just like, why are we talking about this head? But yeah, Brad hasn't seen either of these hands yet, so he's actually genuinely surprised that there's been this little action up until the turn I'm sure. Yeah, I mean, you know, most of the hands that I have opinions honor play happen in the moment, so why should tactical Tuesday be any different here? That's good. This is where it gets exciting, though. Cool. I'm going to dunk the term. I knew it. And big too. So for the podcast listen, I don't know what the deal is. John is not actually trying to eat his microphone, but it's getting some feedback. He's getting too excited and things are getting really, really loud. But now he's looking at his microphone desperately trying to see what the issue is. Just don't get excited, man. Just have fun playing poker. Don't get too excited, even cute. I don't turn into three but plot for like, almost plot. That they did. And yeah, I don't really think there's anything we can do other than call. Wow. Okay, that's okay. So that was going to be, okay, well I'll first start with my thoughts. I don't think bonking this turn is that crazy. I'm not super shocked to see it on the sport liner where I rarely have a three and I guess the cutoff has more threes than I do. I mean, it definitely has all this pocket threes. I probably never have pocket threes. Who knows if he flats is base three suited, but there's one of that as well. If he does or actually, there's two a three suits that he could be fighting pretty. So definitely some straights that he could have. The thing that really sticks out to me though about this lead is the sizing. I would have expected a much smaller sizing on the turn, followed up by a big river bet. I was surprised to see on the turn and wasn't really sure how to begin interpreting this, like this for some reason I should think that this is more bluff heavy or more three X heavy I don't know. I think it's hard to be able to discern that. I would say that the big bet here is setting up for river jam, which I think would be the appropriate sizing that villain should use when they're out of position here. They just want to threaten stacks. So I actually think that this big polarizing bet makes all the sense in the world and would be the sizing that I would expect. Okay, so what I expected, well, I expect the stocks to go down on the river anyways, but what I guess like what I see most commonly and what I expect to see here would be like a small bit like one third plot and then two X pot jam on the river. This big size feels like it almost makes it almost makes my decision like the hands that I want to continue with that decision a little bit too straightforward and easy whereas when he goes like a third I'm really going to have to start thinking about calling with some real bluff catchers like boom. It depends, right? It depends on the frequency in which you're seeing this flop in the range in which you'll see but in this flop, right? Basically, if the big bet makes it pretty straightforward. So if they do have some sort of low equity hand, pocket 6s or whatever.

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