A highlight from #10 CPG Villagers: Winning as a Part Time Poker Player


I guess that's how we'll refer to you Kev. Kevin has been a part of the village for 7 months spending time with all of the CPG offerings, as well as private coaching. In the same time period Kev has had his biggest MTT score winning 18 K at the win. It has gone from a losing ten and L player to winning 200 and L player. I'm not taking credit for your victory at the win, considering I last played a tournament in the Reagan administration. Kev, how you doing, sir? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me. Yeah, it's my pleasure, man. It's good to have you on. Happy to see your MTT success. And also, I mean, come on, tin and L where we really playing tin and L 7 months ago. We were I think at that point in time, my thought, I guess to online poker was more or less kind of splashing around and not so much taking it seriously in terms of a specific online bankroll management strategy and things like that and I guess that's when I started to get more in tune to treating it. I guess, more professional. Yeah. And your path is similar to other villagers I've had on to where I've wanted to press people whose skill level merits moving up in stakes as quickly as they can. And I like, I don't want the listener to think that it's just like djinn. Yo, you gotta play bigger. Keep playing bigger and bigger. It's like, no, if you're still level, if your skill level allows you to and your bankroll and life situation allows you to play bigger, then you really need to press and play bigger, just the faster that you can move up, the less of it affect rake is, the more your hourly rate is. All the things, right? So yeah, that was I did pressure you to move up. I'm happy that you've taken the risk at each step. And let's start out this show by asking, what's your story? How did you find cards? Where are you coming from? Yeah, so I think as far as cards in general, I got introduced to it at a very early age. So my grandparents live pretty close and basically every time we went over to their house, we would end up playing cards. So they were in a poker group of their own. And basically, between my brothers, parents, grandparents, we would basically play some sort of hard game every time that we went over there. How old are you? I'm 33. 33. So we're four years younger than me. Cool. Yeah. So it seems like, you know, I always had like some sort of like handheld device growing up, whether it was like 5 car drive or blackjack or something like that. But I got introduced to just cards in general, very early on and part of that is definitely having older brothers as well. Yeah, tell me about how you felt playing cards with your grandparents, how you felt playing cards. With your brothers, what was the attraction? I think I've always just kind of been into board games, puzzles, et cetera, and I think this kind of fit into it all. I definitely think just getting introduced to money earning it gambling it, et cetera, was definitely a part of it all. And I'd like competition. So I think that's in the case with everything that I've done in life. And I think the opportunity to win something was just always in attraction for me. Yeah. When did the money get introduced? I assume, not with your grandparents, right? Maybe your gambling with your grandparents. They kind of set it up for you basically one every time. But you could win more by essentially earning it. What does that mean? Earning it. So basically, we were just playing with pennies, for instance, but you would start with, let's say, 200. And if you basically, they would give us like, let's say it was like $10 every time we visit. Anything you want on top of that, they would add to it. Okay. So you were playing for steaks, even though you couldn't lose. Yeah, exactly. Risk free. Risk free. And that was a young age and at what point, you know, you mentioned competition, what other forms of competition if you immerse yourself into and then at what age did you realize like, oh, I can play this game for actual money. Yeah, so I think there's probably a couple of different answers here, but I got involved with gambling at a pretty early age just my friend group basically. When we would do anything from playing pool or ping Pong or bowling or golf and then that all eventually led into card games. We would always be betting something on it. So I think it was definitely I'm not totally sure. I do think it's partially due to older brothers and I guess following the I can even remember at times where we would do like training some games for like candy on Halloween, for instance. So it was just like always something that I guess was involved in most activities. Any tough losses in those early days of gambling do you remember? I think we sort of have this cap to anything that we did. So that the losses couldn't be too extreme. So it's kind of like an out at that point. But nothing like too serious. No, a limited amount of suffering. Some suffering, but a limited amount. Yeah. Cool. So betting, part of your life, the competition, you play sports in high school, stuff like that. Yeah, so I played soccer pretty competitively. So that was definitely the priority sport for me. So a lot of the competition definitely got stems from soccer as well. Yeah. And going to going through school. Now we'll talk about when actually playing poker for money kind of as an adult hit your radar because I assume you're successful in your career life. So how did that all come about? So I think first being introduced to cards pretty early in eventually hold them during the poker boom that is basically

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