Joe Biden's Africa Travel Ban Is All for Show, for the Media


How many times yesterday did President Biden botch the term oh Macron He made up a new word Omni Kron Omni Kron which is like a transformer or maybe a bad guy in the new Avengers movie Omni Kron And did any one of the media call him out on it Nope Not at all He's banned travel from 7 African nations And all the nations in Africa turned around to the exact same thing Why are you doing this to us What are you doing here Why are you doing this President of South Africa came out and said this is crazy I mean we found the virus we sequenced the variant We told you about it Why are you shutting us down All this is going to do is hurt us economically You imagine if Trump did that to 7 countries in Africa Could you just imagine the media outrage Maybe asking what do you think these are S whole countries mister president Biden gets a pass even though the travel ban comes in three days after busy holiday weekend People are traveling all over the world from these countries to other countries and then back here in the United States of America but it's so dangerous to travel ban can wait until Monday Right So it says nothing to keep us safe Nothing at all And everybody knows that It's your show but the thing is the media just lets him get away

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