CNN's Chris Cuomo Is Emblematic of Media Bias for Democrats


Chris Cuomo is emblematic of that If you want to think of a living human breathing person who is the walking version of media bias in this country it's Chris Cuomo Here's what I mean Not just does he go on TV and spin the media thing He literally helps an embattled Democrat governor fight to keep his job when women are coming forward to say this bag sexually harassed them So in the me too era think about it now In the meet you era here you have a journalist under the guise of it being his brother going in there and advising him on how to handle the scandal And I know what you're thinking You might be thinking yourself wait a minute wait a minute Come on It's his brother Come on it's his brother Oh stop He's got access to him That's what it's about He's got access and he loves to do it and he wanted to save his brother Don't forget it was only a few months ago that his brother was America's hero remember Andrew Cuomo was America's hero He and Fauci were saving the day And he was going on TV and doing stupid things like my likes my meatballs better than your meatballs and they were having their little chit chats together He was CNN CO2 Every night 9 p.m. Chris Cuomo the lesser Cuomo would have on his brother the governor night after night during COVID night after night And they covered up the nursing home desk They still do They still cover up a nursing home desk You have to act like it never happened And so Chris Cuomo I think on behalf of his network tried to save his brother because they love the guy They wanted to be they wanted to run for president And they don't care about me too when it's an allegation against a Democrat Me too like every other thing the left uses they only use it when they want to and they only use it when they need to So if it's not a Republican they're trying to go after they'll just put me to conveniently back in the hashtag box and save it for the next social justice

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