A highlight from TVS with Scot Westwater

Voice in Canada


That is being released on The Voice in Canada podcast. By the way, if you don't know where to find that just go to voice in Canada C 8 and you will see a link along the top menu bar that brings you to the different voice casts, which includes this slash briefing and the podcast. On the podcast, we have Scott westwater. He's the CCO of pragmatic digital. He is an expert when it comes to strategy around a voice app skills, actions, et cetera, marketing. He's actually written a book about this. And when you hear the podcast, you will hear just the sense that he has of the state of the voice industry. And so if you have a voice app or you're wondering how to create one or if you're just interested in how to market something like this, you definitely want to check out this podcast. This is Scott westwater. It was a recording of the voice loans to show that he did with myself. And lots of great stuff in there. It's got a great guy and I know that you'll get a ton of this. Head on

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