Fox News' Dana Perino Remembers Colin Powell


Dana perino, of course, served under George W Bush, new Colin Powell, shed the following on Fox News. But yes, I've long admired him. I remember all edge during the Gulf War. What this man is very impressive. And then the fact that I actually got to meet him and work with him, work under him, really, as the Secretary of State, it is just remarkable as ainsley as you were reading the statement and talking about his life in the previous segment in the previous interview. You realize that this man was such a man of consequence. And a consummate public servant, serving all of those years. And I was surprised to read. He was 84. Because in many ways, to me, he was ageless. In addition to all of the amazing work that he did as a military leader, one thing that people might not remember is he started an organization called America's promise. And that really encouraged civic engagement and volunteer work. And there was a little red wagon logo, and I'm a good friend as a race sale who had worked for president George H. W. Bush, then worked in his office and correspondence. And she would tell me such amazing stories about him. And then fast forward. I remember as a deputy press secretary standing in the back of the room, the east room one day and there was a, I believe it was Karzai, who achman Karzai from Afghanistan was giving a speech. And I was standing in the back of the room and Colin Powell just happened to be next to me. And I remember being very impressed by augment caramelized speech. And I said something to Colin Powell I said, wow. He is a very impressive. And Colin Powell gave me advice that I've lived with ever since, and he said, Dana, just beware of people who might be want to be dictators who speak very good English. And that was so interesting. But if you think about all the leaders that we've seen, come up through the ranks that America likes to support and then unfortunately turns out to be somebody that you question in the end. I would also say that he was a great stature. The way that he conducted himself, I really commend his books to people out there, young people who are looking to learn about leadership. He really was a consummate professional. Dana perino, who served in the Bush administration, reflected on the passing of general Colin

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