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The pride passion then pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show our four podcast. And we've reached the final hour. It's been an eventful afternoon. We appreciate you being a part of the program and let's get back to the calls and Big E is up next. Good afternoon. Just like so roll to. Thank you. And yeah, two or three quick little things. Number one, I'd like to give a shout out to legend. I'd like to talk to him one day. He'll let us pass. And I asked him, I'm just not sure. Number two, I brought to say a highly outbreak of a little girl. The Kylian wild guy the young lady. Yes. And I'd like to tell her to take whether grains and put in the work and Greg bank can happen. My wife and I raised $2 that were really in the sports and good things happened to them. And the last thing I'd like to ask is, and then I'll hang up and listen to your response. You may have already talked about it. I had a doctor's appointment today and was right here in the end, but do you think the SAC will issue any finance to the Tennessee as for what they did Saturday night? Well, yeah. They've already done that. They've find the university 200 and $50,000 for what happened on Saturday night. Check in next with Chris, who is in Tennessee. Hello, Chris. Good to talk to you again, sir. You have been a few weeks. Hey, so I just wanted to call in, just really getting it today first and foremost Trump some of your callers. That's okay. They're being a little relentless today. And you know what happens? No doubt. But I just want to say, honestly, you know, the story about it. It is what it is. It's sad to see the man kind of giving out, you know, I like him genuinely going back especially a couple of years ago and, you know, it's unfortunate, but I think ultimately, you know, there is a standard at LSU. They've made that clearing. It is what it is. So, but I really want to call and just kind of just give my kind of two cents on the whole Tennessee thing. Sure. There's been some so much talk that's going on. A lot of rumors about who started it and apparently some old miss fans, people have said, I mean, look like they were starting to throw things. And it's like, you know, it's a terrible situation either way. You know, you don't want to point fingers. I was on the field there kind of sidelined near the old miss band, looking down and seeing all the stuff just coming down. And it was climbed from all different heights. So you know what was coming from different sections for sure, it wasn't just one particular. But a bad situation that really kind of ruined the end of the game there, especially for a lot of people who just wanted to come and see just a very tough fog game. Great. It was a spectacular night. And regardless of how it ended up, I think we were all remembered it as maybe a turning point in Tennessee football, even though they've won some big games. So it was just so much fun. Tennessee's played so many of those early games and this was a celebration of where the program is. And it all got away for a really small percentage of people. But it's always that way. We've always seen that. So thank you very much for the call. Appreciate it. Let's check out bob, who is in Fort Worth. The hello bob guard ahead. Good afternoon. Hey, how are you? Good, sir. Hey, I hate, I really want to say I hope so. But you remember last December and you probably don't remember, but and I was talking about when you when you kicked a lid off that Pandora box what comes out? I do vaguely remember this conversation, yes. Well, it's controversial. And I want to tell you something, it's not over. I think Scotty boy is, is everybody get clear of the blast zone before he pulls the pin on the grenade. But with ozone, let me finish out the season. But it's going to it's actually getting nasty at LSU. Well, I do understand this is a football season that we all care about whether it's going the right direction or not. You hate to blow up a season, but I'm curious because you did have some prophecy a few months ago. Can you without maybe specifics, tell us more about what your portending here? Well, Paul and I don't want to take nothing away from Scott's Woodward's glory. But this has been in the people to know what LSU and I look and I'm a third generation Aggie and I've got somebody pretty close to the situation down there. And he's an IE two, but. There's been a lot of stuff that the young man you had on at the first of the show that him and how it around the facts of the deal, their stuff is fixed to come out that the issue are going to. Take a wide eye view of and I mean we're fixing a get in to the Bayer deal and there's going to be a lot of folks upset over the deal. And I am in just for the sake of one of mine that's down there. I'm not going anymore in that, but. Let me say this bob. When you have multiple lawsuits going on, that is an indicator of what could possibly happen. I'm just talking about what we know, not what we don't know. But I found. I found the press conference last night a little bit cringe worthy. If you follow me. I just didn't really believe it. I don't believe the sincerity. I think for a man like Ed augeron to go down and I know there's $17 million and I may maybe that would, but it seemed like he just folded his tent. I said, okay, whatever you're suggesting, I'm good with. Give me the money. I'll say the right things and get out of town. You're exactly right. That's all he won't. Give me the money and I hope back to shelter and ask our shrimp vote. Exactly. Because he is a fighter. The others are on that I've always been around. He would fight them to the end about what they suggested. And he did not. No, sir. No, sir. Hey, look, and I was wrong to sit down and drink a cold beer with and have a good time with would be a hell of a filler. But that's not what LSU's been looking for in is going to rise up and it's going to bottom in the backend and by the way, Paul, you made a comment while ago that money was no object LSU in my room, but what was it four or 5 years ago that he's talking about shut down them? No, you're right. The legislature was here a 100% correct about that. The legislature was threatening to shut down the football program if they couldn't get some bill passed. Well, that's and you said something a couple years going. I've never called you several times. Okay. But you said, and somebody called and it was way after the fact of Saban going to Texas. And you said, well, Alabama would just outfit Texas. For the deal. And look, let's make some perfectly here. Make statements in Alabama cause Nick Saban wants to be in Alabama. Because you can bankrupt the state of Alabama and not out be it takes a senior person.

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