Joe Biden Overhauls Power Across His Administration to Control You


Now you can imagine the power that Joe Biden wants to give this department And the Treasury Department in the other departments in terms of tracking your checking accounts and savings accounts and you're borrowing habits loans that you might take Or if you sell a pickup truck that's where $12,000 And they want you to pay income taxes on it They want to track it and they want to be able to question you not all of you They want to hire Listen to me 85,000 new auditors 85,000 new IRS auditors 85,000 To track you Mandates with people losing their jobs even though they won't harm anybody because they have natural immunity 85,000 new IRS auditors The FBI Fredo investigate parents at school board meetings The southern border wide open MS 13 Drug cartels fentanyl pouring into the border Americans dying like never before The murder rate through the roof Through that damn roof You want to give these bastards more

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