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Listener supported WNYC studios. What I hate referring to abortion. The Supreme Court heard arguments today and what is widely seen as the most significant abortion case in a generation. More than 20 states are poised to ban or restrict abortions if the Supreme Court upholds a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Mississippi's law is a direct challenge to roe V wade. Doesn't deserve to exist. Outside the U.S. Supreme Court, Wyatt police stood between protesters for and against abortion rights. That we're going back and erasing all the progress that we've made over the past half century. You just say this is all about choice. All about a woman's right. No. It's all about the life of a little baby. Then who gives these stateless people killing themselves and back alleys before roe V wade now to Chris? So, the short version of why we're at such a huge moment with abortion. Is that we've had this one way of testing when is abortion legal in the United States for half a century. Emma green writes about the intersection of religion and politics, and that's the point of viability one can a baby live outside of the womb. And now the Supreme Court is looking at this case at a Mississippi. That would move that line back that would say it's okay to ban abortion earlier than that. It's possible the Supreme Court is going to scramble our entire way of talking about abortion and where you stand. You know, for 50 years almost. There have been these categories. Are you pro life? Are you pro choice? Do you think roe versus wade should stand? Or do you think it should be overturned? It's always this very polarized debate, and what I have found in my reporting is that actually that doesn't really describe or most people are. It really misses something about people's experiences with abortion. When I was thinking about how to talk about this huge case, Rebecca instantly came back to my memory. Rebecca Schrader is a sonographer. She ran one of the ultrasound machines at an OB clinic in Durham, North Carolina. She was someone who I had seen online. She has a really big Twitter presence. It was on social media, years ago that Emma first started following the story of what happened to Rebecca. Her story, I think embodies so much about the kind of gray space that a lot of people

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