A highlight from Gab & Juls: FC 100 2021 Special



FC 100 special jewels we've been given an important task here. Very important. As you know, every year, IDS the NFC. We reach out and drew all our territories around the world. South America, Pacific Rim, Australia, Africa. So if I'm forgetting some parts of the world, which might not have contributed, and we pull all our football book. Everybody. And we come up with this list where it's the FC 100. We split them up by positions. And people vote for the best performing player in the previous top ten per position. Top ten proposition, essentially. And then we comment on it. You and I have the luxury. And guys, first of all, if you don't like what we're saying, shoot the message. Don't do not shoot the message. We are the mere messengers here. I'm Hermes and you're Hermes. Exactly. It's not going to make any sense. Hermes, of course, the German delivery for Irma's rather classier French luxury brand. Goalkeepers. The top ten number one, January oblak, he was my vote. Second, because again, we give more weight to the Euros. He did have a good season. I thought with Mila. I don't know how things are working for him. Now, got no real problem with this. You see any issues going further down the list? We've got noyer at three courier four. The Brazilians seem to come in pairs. Alice and Edison at 5 and 6 got no issue so far. Edward Mandy at 700 and higher on my list. Why is he from Paris? He's not from Paris. Very objectively. I think people underestimate the impact I had on Chelsea, the incredible season I had, the amount of games without considering goals, the amount of key save they made for the team that is the champions of Europe as well. I think that many I would have higher than Alison Edison without problem, even maybe in that top four. Mark Andretti, I'm kind of with you on that. I would have had a little bit higher. Just because he was so decisive for Charleston, the team that was so big about not getting goals. Marc Andre stegen is a maybe a little high consumer season he had. You could make a strong case or Emmy Martinez won the Copa América did well for Aston Villa. Kayla navas at ten, I really like Hitler and obvious as a person you're going to tell me he's a phenomenal goalkeeper as well. Yeah, and he was incredible in the two games against Bayern Munich, even in the two games against city, despite PhD being knocked out and it gets Barcelona in the last 16. That second leg in Paris, it was incredible. So completely deserved to be in the top ten baseball keepers of the year. He did get a new contract, of course, out of all this as well. So well done, Kayla narvaez. Here you go. Poo poo one striker and one in gold. There you go, and moving on to write backs now. I suspect you may have a bit of an issue with this. I want to clarify something to explain. Okay. So with our write backs, we took the view, where did this player play the most during the season? So you will note and give spoiler alert Jean concealer is number three on the list. Obviously plays a lot of left back. Well, he played a lot of right back. He actually played more right back for a city in last season than he did left back. And this is why he comes in. I mean, it was 50 50. We could have put him on the left back. But he ended up among the right backs again. Do not shoot the messenger, which is why city have two right backs in this list. Equally, Caesar has been quite that makes the list because he played a lot of write back for Spain and played center back. Again. All right wing back, you know, we've counted the right wing backs and left wing back in this. In a perfect world, everybody would play four four two or four two three one. Intended as God intended. But that's not the case. Anyway, our number one is Ashraf akemi. You made a face before off camera. I don't understand why because he was absolutely devastating. But people have to realize that this is not now. This is not what we think is the top ten currently. Yes. Right. People have to understand that. The 2021 season and he was devastating. It was devastating. And he was one of the best three players completely. And they won their first title in 18 years. So I got no reason for I got to wish it was him being a number. One. But we're not saying that he's better than Trent Alexander Arnold or regimes or cancelo or all of that. I think we were both agreed he was better than trying to Alexander on the last season and reached James and turned out Trent his second third as jol concealer. Rhys James fourth, again, based on last season, I'm comfortable with this me too. In fact, maybe you could put Alexander Arnold a little bit lower, because you really struggled at times. Last season. 5 is Kyle walker who actually is a right back. And 6 is whose novels, I thought he had a big season last year. And why you bring forwards for severe is fantastic. And also everybody likes because navas is such a likeable guy. Number 7 Kieran Trippier. Yeah, you know, I think he's there because England and whatever, like, okay, dude, but it's just the top 5 was so good.

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