A highlight from Brandon Collins - Drunk Black History


It's the difference between thinking you're going to die because of an overdue cable bill and asking what is this thought or feeling trying to tell me the and curious vitamins from i'm a piece of shit too. I'm at peace with a win the race against your own brain with the fast and the curious vitamins. And there's a new channel on the mental health comedy platform. It's the lifetime romance and true crime movie channel every week. A new movie combining romance and true crime movies like all my axes. A woman reunites with a couple of xs only to realize that the best thing to do is threatened to kill them. With an axe mother cluckers. A chicken farm widow falls for a mysterious salesman who is chicken to commit an ends up. Dead and credit crispus bloodbath. The holidays turn red when engaged. Couple fall in love with the same store. Santa claus christmas bloodbath. I want to bring in now. Our visitor from the north and the south. The ninja of the neo cortex the first lady of the limbic system and the soothsayer of serotonin jennifer kalari jennifer. How are you. I'm good won't be watching any of those movies. But i i just think it's so funny that. The hallmark channel has like different quadrants. They have like whole channels and one of them is all romance and the other one is all murder. I think it's fantastic. Watch it. But i think it's fantastic. I guess i wanted to talk to you a little bit today. We're gonna talk a little bit about movies but also this culture that we have right now. People are afraid to say anything. Yeah it's an era where people feel like. They could lose their jobs if they spoke out. Everybody's going to say the wrong thing and we're going to judge them very harshly. What is going on. And how can people deal with it. It's a good question so really it's about polarization that when conversation stop and confrontations happen than everyone is just driven farther away from each other then their descendant echo chamber only talking to people who think like them and agree with them and including all the algorithms that come into your phone and everything else so we end up so an and the momentum behind that build so we end up so angry and seeing the other person as other and we dehumanize and we stopped having conversations and conversations and differences are what makes us human it makes the world ridge makes it makes us learn and makes us grow. We are in such a place that people just double down and get so angry with each other that everyone's afraid to say anything so no one learns a non grows and everyone just keeps doubling down in digging down into their own point of view. And i think that's really sad and it's dangerous and our children are watching. They're looking around and seeing the world like this. It's a mess and this response to would you say that it's a response to the me too movement and to the conversation about diversity and race in this country you know. I honestly don't get. I don't i certainly don't think it's me too. I think has been brewing and simmering forever and social media which can be a very good thing but it can also be very bad thing has really kind of fired. Everyone up gonna sound weird. But i think people mean well and they think they're doing something important and they think they're fighting for the planet and people's rights but they end up shutting everyone down in creating a bigger momentum and more intensity on the other side and i think i think it's been going on a long long time. It's just i think social media is actually just exploded out to the surface. It was always there. Then let's take it to this This question how. How do you deal with judgment and releasing judgment. Are you talking about. If you're the judge or the judge or both both sides i guess if you're the judger I would really ask the people sort of turn inward we talk a lot about heart coherence on this show. When your soul in your heart and your brain or in alignment that's when you feel your best and that's when you're having conversations making decisions and understanding the world from a place of alignment from a place of love winning you are judging. Even even the act of judging has like brewing guy never. I'm better than you. You don't know what you're doing kind of energy to it so right there. It's coming from a place of fear in people who judge and who blame end to criticize are afraid happy healthy together. People who feel pretty good. Don't need to judge anybody they don't so the minute someone is judging.

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