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I'm richard and in this episode. I'm chatting with writer and radio producer. Paul hayes so hello paul and welcome to something who jala richard. Thank you very much for having me on the podcast. It's it's very great honor to be here. thank you. So you've written a book called the long game. Nineteen ninety six to two thousand and three. The inside story of how the bbc brought back. Dr who and that's coming out from ten acres films very soon in in november. I believe yes. The first of november bro. And i guess. I mean the title what would imagine pretty clipper. Is there a sort of opening premise. That you want to discuss with as you not just a little bit more about. What's the new book. Yes well the idea behind it was. It was a book. I wanted to read. And it didn't seem to exist. So i decided i would just have to write it. And the idea is to tell. The story of how we went from may nineteen ninety-six the aftermath of the tv movie to september two thousand and three the points at which doctor who was recommissioned. And telling the story of various things really telling the story of the background and context of what happened at the bbc through those years. The changes at bbc one drama department all across the corporation really and how those changes affected and helped to bring about what happened with the revival of doctor who said providing a lot of that background. That doctor who sources don't necessarily often go into how the careers of the people who ended up bringing the show back got them to that point in those places. Some of the other attempts at revivals the happened through those years for either film or television the rise of the online services. The bbc doctor who website which became a very in part of the story all these elements which i felt the were all kinds of things that bits of this story. Things like the doctor. Forever documentary the unquiet dead on the green death special edition kevin scott articles dr magazine twenty thirteen all kinds of different interviews and articles and documentaries had told bits in different strands of this story but i never felt. There was something that drew all together in one narrative. I can talk about that. So that's basically what. I've attempted to do in this book. Tell the story of all the different strands that were happening in those seven years and provide a bit of background context as to how to happen. Why i think that's. That's interesting is a fascinating story. We we've seen. I think a lot of people talking about how the tv movie could've off the grand looking at that sort of previous seven year period as you say perhaps not so many this one. So so yeah. I'm sure we're all very interested to read about that. I was thinking that perhaps before we get fully into that discussion. It might be interesting to talk to you about about how and when you came across dr who and how long have you been a fan of the show. Well like a lot of people in the uk. I think i couldn't really tell you how i came across to because it's just always been a part of my life. It's always been there. I was born in one thousand eighty four february nineteen four. I think midway between the two episodes of resurrection of the dialects. I think that's my sort of air of doctor. If you want to. I was bored. I'm pretty convinced this may be a false memory. But i'm pretty convinced that my first ever memory from the age of about two and a half and i is the hardest being taken into the time ship at the beginning of the trial of time lords. Oh yeah because. I had definitely seen that or had a memory of having seen it when i saw the story on video christmas nine in nineteen ninety-three by certainly have memories of watching mccoy era seasons. Twenty four twenty five twenty six we would. We would watch as a family together. And i've got lots of memories of being three four five years old and watching those stories things like the proper book i ever read prop quote unquote grownup book. Rate was the novelization of remembrance of the dialects. I can remember. I think i was six. That came out. I remember being in volume one book shop in worthing in west sussex.

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