A highlight from Boyfriends of Christmas Past (Hallmark Channel - 2021) - Feat. Alonso Duralde

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Wasn't one of his better. I think it was illness. Ever since new stopped rapping. About how newman was better. It's been the results have been higher and lower well. He turned to find his voice. Yeah i think that's been some have compared him to to eminem And others have compared and an enough you know what the equivalent of new. Am to him is seven is yeah that greenville to everyone else. Yeah you think that's kind of how that makes sense at all greenville's great is what i'm trying to. Yeah and then all the rest pale in comparison to your brother. Greenville's out there none. None of them are those greenville not that greenville. That's right right Hey guys really excited. We just got done watching this movie during our marathon versus passed. Of course we're watching on the filo and ended. We found out and kim went to break it down with your boys. But before we do i do want to know how was your weekend. I feel like i've spent the last in this room. I can't really. It's been a long week brain the long week but here and it's been a fun day. So that's what counts. Yeah yeah yes. Yeah you guys. do you want diamond. Let's do it friends Christmas past originally aired on. October twenty third little choked up. You're gonna make it a win a little something like this. Lauren and nate our best friends. You know that because they are really good at charades. She agrees to go to this party with him as friends when she finds out that they're going to be decorating a christmas tree together alone. She makes an excuse. Can't dude i can't do this. Work work work. work work work instead. She stays at home by herself and she falls asleep. All be waking up by this random teenager. Who is this random j.j. Well it turns out it was her high school boyfriend. And he's like you're going to be visited by three ex-boyfriends tonight. They're going to tell you where you're going wrong before it's too late s- dying. I don't know she doesn't really know what that means either. She tells nate about this the next day. And he's like crazy man so they keep hanging out We then see the ghost of for a couple of goes from college. One of those goes tells her that he loves her and she's like we should break up to the next one is like hey we should move in together and she's like we should break up and who did she turn to after those breakup but boy nate's she's talking to her best friend and they're talking about stuff and lauren. Is you know Talking about what's been going on and this this girl is like men natives perfect for you. And she's like what's the good no they then take a carriage ride together as friends do and he is about to tell her the truth about how he's feeling she senses this and cuts them off. And it's like god. I do work stuff again and because of work she ends up missing out on the work party thing that she promised That or this work thing that she'd be promising to be a part of and doesn't like tell him and just as late so she runs there. She realizes that she's late for it. And he's outside of the thing and he's like no. We're not doing this right now. I'll tell you. What i feel your. Listen i love you. And i'm mad at us. I'm not gonna spend christmas with you matter here. Very serious stuff We get one more boyfriend. Who shows that. she's frayed of engagement. This time and i can't do that. We didn't see all of the boyfr- boyfriends of the past together to show the future which is named proposing to another girl and lauren ain't having it. She talks to her dad about how her mom leaving at. Christmas made it hard for her to commit and her dad gives you. This is pep talk. We then go to her big work pitch thing and she's doing she's crushing it. Everybody's this is what we're doing for with us pitch and then she sees a picture of nate and she just can't she's like i gotta go. She runs out she goes gets on a nice little fancy dress meets them up at the little party and is like hey guess what. I'm here because i love you too. And they kiss flash forward. A year here proposes she says yes. This time they kissed ghosted are outside and that my friends wise for christmas past did it did it. Yes sir whereas a quick break and when we come back. Okay we're gonna talk about this moore thing we're gonna do for segment four and that's been kind of throwing four for season for four for seasons. I'm happy we were almost at. What five thousand reviews now at least oh for sure for season five. So we're gonna get there. Yeah we'll get there exactly right. Ana tell you guys about something that happened to me recently. That's gotta be tough for me to get over. And it was the introduction to rossi's oh my gosh. 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