The Truth About Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson was one of the most incredible men ever to live in the history of the planet. He was a statesman, he was a president, he was he was a civilization changer. He's the author and was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Now we must understand the beauty of the declaration independence. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary, for one people, to dissolve the political bands with another. Deriving from the powers of the earth the equal and separate station. I'm going from memory here, so I might be bouncing around. And it goes on to say the laws of nature and nature's God. Thomas Jefferson was able to connect the fruits of the enlightenment and the roots of antiquity. Thomas Jefferson did that. Thomas Jefferson connected the fruits that came out of the ideas of freedom of speech and consciousness and self government, separation of powers checks and balances. But he did not go only and merely towards the enlightenment as if Machiavelli, what Machiavelli or Rousseau or Hume would have done. Jefferson instead struck a balance. Jefferson understood that there was a new type of thinking that was derived from the ancient. And then if we forget the ancient and go too far into this new way of government, it will collapse, but if we go to into the ancient, there's no claim to challenge the monarchy. Thomas Jefferson being a brilliant man wrote the words that we hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal amongst these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, originally, it was property. Now the exact reason why they're getting rid of Thomas Jefferson I don't know their exact reasons because he owns slaves. Is that what it was? Do you know that Thomas Jefferson actually worked to abolish slavery when he was governor of Virginia in the 1790s? Do you know that Thomas Jefferson heavily influenced by George Mason who wrote the Virginia declaration of rights? In 1776, argued for slavery to be ended do you know that Thomas Jefferson who, of course, wrote the declaration, inspired the first state to abolish slavery in 1777 Vermont? Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was partners with Ben Franklin for the first ever abolition convention? Held in 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Do you know that Thomas Jefferson was the first president to sign a moratorium saying that no new slaves were allowed to come into the United States? Thomas Jefferson was a good

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