How Truck Driver Ed Durr Defeated New Jersey's Most Powerful Lawmaker


When I saw the story. Did anyone watch the live stream last night that I was doing? I don't think I've laughed that hard my entire life. When I just saw this, I was flipping through social media and I couldn't control myself when I saw this story of this truck driver from southern New Jersey who spent a 153 total dollars on his campaign. $153. And as of right now, the election is about to be called in certified. He's about to beat the second most powerful person in New Jersey, the head of the Senate presidency in New Jersey by 2000 votes, right? And so and by the way, this is not even about Republican or Democrat. It's not about any of that, right? It's about wait a second time out. Like, what? And so I did some digging into this, right? I was like, okay, who is this guy, right? Is he a son of Jeff Bezos or like, you know, is he part of the Rockefeller family or was he born with some sort of birthright and so you look at this guy and his name is Durer, right? And yeah, you could laugh at the name, whatever, but you look into it. It's like if you were to have central casting of like what the normal American was. Now, some of you guys might not remember the 2000 was it 16 or 2012 president presidential debates of that guy that wore that like red sweater? Do you remember that? Then bone, right? Thank you. Guys, remember that, maybe not as before your time. It's like, I just want to give that guy a hug, right? He's just wants what's right for the world. So few people like that anymore. It seems in public life. And so this guy Eddie decides to do the ultimate David and Goliath type exercise. Now, I don't know how I'm gonna do my best to describe this to you. The guy he was running against is the head of the Senate of New Jersey, okay? It's untouchable. An example would be like if a random candidate decided to run up against Chuck Schumer, okay? That's just or a random candidate would just be like, I'm gonna run against Nancy Pelosi. This guy runs the state of New Jersey. Now, he was to give an idea, he's been an elected office since 2004. Some of you were born in 2004, okay? I know I know that because I actually just talked to someone that was literally born in 2006, not even born. And so this guy has run the state of New Jersey. He runs the entire political apparatus and machine. And so when you start to look into it, you're like, all right, how did this guy make it happen? So you look at his campaign receipts are like, did he get a big contribution from the pharmaceutical companies? Spend a $153, $85 of which was spent at Dunkin Donuts. And the remaining $70 was spent on flyers and materials and so they said, what was your grand strategy? He's like, I just kind of showed up and asked people for their vote. And so he was conducted in an interview last night. The first thing he said is like, I have no idea what's going on, right? The first thing he says, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night, but no, I'm kidding. But all of a sudden you read deeper into this and this is an important thing is he ran because he was so disgusted and he was so upset that he is a truck driver continually kept this economy opening and keep going and he just felt continually insulted by the people in charge.

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