This Is the Reason Republicans Won Across the US on Tuesday Night, According to the Left


This is what the left says is the reason Republicans won on Long Island in Austin, Texas in Seattle in Ohio in New Jersey in Virginia, north south, east west, Republicans dominated, crushed the Democrat agenda. Crushed the Democrat ideology. Crushed their efforts. To radicalize America, but the mainstream media, the beast as I call them, the beast was howling in pain. Played the race card for a reason, because he knows it works on certain white voters. He did stoke white grievance politics to mobilize the Republican base. His laundered trumps really sort of disgusting flagrant out racism. He's wrapped it in education. Education, which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. That's the fundamental problem for these parents and this anti CRT movement. They don't like the way whiteness is being portrayed in these new more inclusive lessons. This wasn't about those pocketbook issues. This was about how white kids feel talking about what black kids go through. The subtext of all this was, we can't let these black and brown people run the country. Glenn young can run on critical race theory that he knew hit a cord around race. I think all the CRT stuff is trumped up, Doc whistling. Some of it was dog whistle racism. The dog whistle messaging that you saw junk in, engage in during the course of the campaign. CRT is in the latest line of school busing, across town busing. Welfare queens, you have it isn't that say it's in that same line and you saw it in the results in Virginia. It's more palatable Republican who still uses the same racist themes that Trump did. He just packaged them in a soccer debt, sweater vest model. He's found a way to launder a pretty racist trope, this idea that we can not talk about America's history because it hurts my feelings. He's turned that into a campaign. White voters do have anxiety about a changing America, right? That it is blacker, it is browner. You've got the Republican jelly like, hey, look, the black and brown folks are coming for us. Some Republican candidates are perfectly willing to use race as a motivating factor for their base. That has gone on for decades and it happened this year. Race is just the most palpable tool in the toolkit. It used to be of the Democratic Party back in the day when they were dixiecrats. And now the Republican Party. This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy. Let's call a thing a thing. Actually, scratch that. They are more than okay. That wasn't a skit. That wasn't a parody that wasn't a joke at the Babylon bee. Those were actual pundits on CNN and

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