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Its own no but it is really really really important yet. And i Just to get a little wonky on this. I talked to Dave roberts this morning The climate reporter expert has been covering this for a long time and he was telling me a couple of different environmental groups climate groups modeled this and the the tax credits in the original proposal. Were actually doing most of the work. When it came to hitting biden's very ambitious Climate goal of cutting half our emissions by twenty thirty only about thirty percent of the emissions reductions were coming from the clean energy standard and the methane rule and the and the methane provision in the bill. And so like you said. They took that money and they didn't put elsewhere. They put it back into climates. They put into more credits and loans and grants and the the what they've what they've modeled as they think that they can. That will almost make up the difference of the thirty percent and then the rest will be made up. If biden. If the administration the epa can do a rule on methane Through regulations and a couple of their executive actions that are regulations through the epa so there is a belief that among experts that studied that you could get very close to the emissions goal because what ends up happening is instead of a standard which penalizes companies for not hitting a certain emissions goals. You basically are just flooding. The market with so much clean energy money were money for transitioning to clean energy that it becomes more profitable for utilities to run on clean energy than coal and natural gas utilities end up making the decisions on their own to shut down coal natural gas. Because it's just more profitable to run on clean energy because now there's just this gigantic market for clean energy. And just as an example. I think in the obama administration We passed about sixty billion dollars worth of clean energy investments and tax credits and that created a huge market for clean energy that has led to some of the progress. We've seen over the last several years now. Imagine five hundred billion dollars half a trillion dollars and what that would do to create a clean energy market. So there's a lot of hope on the climate stuff. And that's i think what you're seeing a lot of climate groups. Climate experts the democratic politicians. Who care about climate. Brian shots sort of happy about this part of the bill. Let's talk about where this all goes from here and again we are recording at eleven thirty. Am pacific time on thursday. So all of this could change The house still wants to hold a vote on the infrastructure bill today. Pelosi wants to hold the vote today so hopefully it can pass before biden leaves for the climate summit house. Progressives are saying they still wanna see legislative language not just a framework though they have now come out and said they are supportive of the framework. But they wanna see Two things legislative language and they want A promise from joe biden that he's got fifty democratic senators on board so they mentioned cinema. Don't try to pull anything. Meanwhile cinema released a statement this morning on the new framework calling it quote significant progress in saying quote. She looks forward to getting this done. Mansion. was asked by reporters what he thinks he said. Quote is all in the hands of the house right now. And i'm not gonna that's all i'm gonna say for today. So he's being uncharacteristically quiet bernie sanders said the new framework is the most consequential bill since the nineteen sixties so that's favorable but has major gaps in it which is what we have just been saying And that he's continuing to fight for more medicare expansion and prescription drug reform before the house votes on the infrastructure bill. Can you figure out what's going on here and how this might play out. No i cannot so mystified by the desire. From pelosi to pass biff. I know i'm going to pass by partisan infrastructure framework. do whatever. I don't really understand dizzy magazine chance that's going to happen. I don't think that that is at all relevant to the sort of reception. Joe biden's gonna receive abroad. So i'm sort of just it's weird like that was a big deal this morning. She wants to do what she's going to call the vote. Joe biden went to the caucus pitch. The framework did not call for them to pass the bipartisan for structure. Bill today he just right. That's the whole thing. There is like something missing. Here i said this or producers. This morning i was said the same thing. I'm like something is missing. I can't figure it out even because everyone. Everyone's looking at cinnamon mentioned statements. And they're like that is not one hundred percent supportive. There's sort of lukewarm at best mansions being uncharacteristically. Quiet like what's going on. Obviously we don't trust those. But i will say they have not been shy in the past either of them in saying what they don't like about a bill so like it feels like they're supportive but if they are supportive why wouldn't they put out a supportive statement. I i don't know what's going on there. My one completely unfounded guests is that as part of the deal that they struck for. This framework was some commitment to try to get the bipartisan. Bill passed today or this week. Which is that is. That is the only thing. I can possibly fathom. That mansion met when he said it's up to the house now and i think that the progressives might understand that because you're not hearing from them.

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