The Real Story of Jan. 6th Is What the Government Does to Innocent People


Well isn't that the story of what I mean honestly Nick this has been the story since Maybe since Trump took first took office but especially since all this COVID madness has hit and that transition of power this has been the story What they're telling us in the media in the left wing media is happening does not match up with what's happening before our very eyes You're right there You didn't see some violent revolution that was going to overthrow the United States government I don't even know how they thought that was going to happen What guy with horns sits in Nancy Pelosi's share and then what Fill in the blanks They are telling a completely different story Yeah like I said most of the people there that I saw were my age or older and what were we armed with like blood pressure medicine and Holy Grail in our sleep apnea machines If you're going to overthrow the government you need some young people okay Maybe a military would help too Maybe But as we start piecing together you know talking to people that were there what we really discovered as we went wrong was that the real story here is what the government is doing to innocent people who really went there and did nothing else Families that have had their doors broken down by the FBI And you know this man that they came after never been arrested for anything Alex and his wife and they treat these people like Pablo Escobar or serial killers or something S.W.A.T. teams humbert vehicles going down a little neighborhood For the streets I mean it's a pulling but the government is doing And the reason they're doing it is to have a chilling effect They're trying to terrorize and demonize Americans who disagree with the leftist agenda and make sure that everybody understands This is what's going to happen to you if you stand up

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