Dressing Or Stuffing (MM #3900)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. One of the biggest debates for Thanksgiving is that we have dressing, are we having stuffing? And yes, there is a difference. My wife's family prefers dressing. It's a family tradition handed down that they love. I don't mind it, but I've never cared about dressing or stuffing. And I've had stuffing, the kind you actually put in the bird and cook in the bird. Of course, there can also be some health hazards with that too because, well, you're putting something inside an uncooked bird, so naturally, as it cooks, if there are any problems with the bird to begin with, they're going to be cooked into the bread, perhaps, too. So it's kind of a weird thing, but most people do dressing rather than stuffing. But when stove top came out, that was the funny part. It was stove top stuffing. It should have been stove top dressing, but the alliteration didn't work there. Stuffing is stuffed inside a bird. If you've stuffed it inside the bird, enjoy your stuffing today. If you cooked it on the stove or cooked it in the oven or however you cooked it outside of the bird, you're having dressing. It's a big holiday tradition right next to the Thanksgiving Turkey. I'm guessing. We may be mashed potatoes and gravy. Okay, and maybe cranberries in my family, but Happy Thanksgiving.

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