Football Booster Club Raffles Firearms, Concerning Some Parents


Us what the cedar cliff. Colts booster club. Did and how it was received. Well you know a lot of these district clubs are what support In particular football those are what support the team. It helps them get the new equipment. New jersey Things of that nature the things that keep them safe and and they're usually charged with you know making a raising x. amount of money and they're all volunteer booster clubs are all volunteer programs. Almost all just made up with the parents because the players and or the cheerleaders and this year has been particularly hard to raise money. Because you know restaurants aren't giving you know is is. They're reluctant to give away anything free. Which is what they traditionally do or give away free meals In support of the booster club. You know this kids will buy a certificate and then they go around and they try to sell her raffle well. It's become incredibly impossible for these young people to raise money so they came up with the idea of having a raffle. There's ten different items on the raffle of those ten five variety of different kinds of guns. Now in dolphin and and cumberland counties because this this school district covers both Owning a gun is as common is only a car or a chart country this is hatred on thing and target shooting and and so you know they decided to have a raffle and gowns for part of it now. If the if you wanna gun eat it went one it. You got two hundred dollars dead. But there was one parent who took exception to this role and took it to the school district and the school district in. Its great wisdom that i understand your feelings however we have no jurisdiction over this.

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