A highlight from Fleetwood Church-Brandy Station, Virginia (With Spirit Guides Paranormal)


Christie parker spirit guides paranormal as into fleetwood church. All right guy so. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Have you been doing good. They're very busy. Yeah i i bet you are. And i can only imagine why and what's up. Thanks for having us. Oh yeah yeah my pleasure. of course. i'm flattered that she agreed to come on now This episodes obviously going to be centered around fleetwood church so pretend that i know absolutely nothing at all about it and give me a little bit of the history and kinda the the origins of the place. Okay i mean sorry this real. The place dates back as far as finding comfort county records to eighteen fifty. We're not sure what was their other. Spirits allowed us to to know each a church built. Eighteen eighty established eighteen. Eighty one decommissioned. I think in the one thousand nine hundred seventy s turn into an antique steward of the nelson. The hundred it hasn't today is china restore back to his original form. Interesting thing about the foundation. Though st steve at who owns it his found civil war bullets in the foundation. There is also a sketch in the library of congress. dated eighteen sixty four. I believe that was done by one of the soldiers who was fighting in that area. And there's a lot of civil war history that will get to and it shows a building where the church would be. But you can only see the corner of it so it's just Painted tantalizing clue of what might have been there a Interesting be curious to know what exactly that was Another church or something entirely different spheres tells was a home somehow may have gone on fire of were still digging for answers and that would explain. Okay there is such a web of information that it's hard to lay it out in in a way that makes sense so bear with us a little bit All a brand new station has a really rich history starting before this of a war on the area that is now twenty. Nine was generally the area of the old carolina road that was used by east coast. Native americans that would travel north and south. So and also the meta pony indians Monkeys what else cherokees a right. Well i know the matt opponents particularly were close by so you run into native spirits there and that has definitely happened on. Then you come up in time. Obviously there's a rich civil war history right across the street. Is the brandy station battlefield. Where the largest avary battle of the civil war took place in the beginning. Another gettysburg campaign. They started headed north gettysburg. A little brandy station had a railroad track running through it which made it made it. A place made it a stop. Brazil drinks the landed. The church sits on right now was owned by daniel and melinda nine they owned right over basically to to the edge of the property where the highway safety place sits right now. There was an older cemetery on the property. That predated the church It seems that it had to potential names. One being the brandy graveyard in the other being the wind graveyard. Nobody knows what happened to those. They're marked on maps. But there's no record of a bodies being exhumed from that particular graveyard then of course. There was the church cemetery which we try to find out it was. It wasn't because we've through people found out allow degrade sales. We just push to the tracks. The only one remaining railroad frances gertrude. Rice headstone category Belongs we may at some point relocated. Wow i'm sure she would appreciate that. She's very strangling. You know. I think about all about. I can only imagine

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