Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Is Building an Army of IRS Auditors


Ladies and gentlemen they don't need 85,000 new auditors to get billionaires and millionaires There aren't enough billionaires and millionaires for $85,000 It aimed at you and I'll prove it to you again Because they want every transaction involving $600 to be monitored by the Internal Revenue Service That's not the case right now $600 Well you're not going to catch tax cheats with a $600 transaction This is just a way to get the foot in the door so they can spy on you and threaten you That's what we're talking about So here's Janet Yellen on CBS evening news last evening And she's asked about this by Nora O'Donnell Let's go to cut 8 Go You want banks to report transactions of $600 or more That's what the IRS wants Does this mean that the government is trying to peak into our pocketbooks If you want to look at $600 transactions Absolutely not I think this proposal has been seriously mischaracterized The proposal involves no reporting of individual transactions of any individual Look yes it does What are you talking about Yes it does A $600 transaction They want to be able to Monitor it And the banks have to report it What is she talking about These people on this administrator they lie worse than your typical American Marxist

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