Sebastian Asks the Question, 'Who Is Eric Metaxas?'


Those who Hiding in a cave for the last twenty years would you explain. Who is eric metaxas. You take a crack at that. I would like this. I would like you to take a shot. i'll puncture it eventually. But who do you l. From what is your family background. And i don't know how to describe you so i need some help. Who is eric metaxas. Well the part of the reason people don't know how to describe me has to do with the fact that i'm dramatically eclectic You could say scattered the way. I would put it. Sebastian is that i have written many many books. So some people think of me principally as an author. Some people think of me as the author of bonn hoffer other people think of me as a guy who cracks jokes. Many people more recently have seen me on salem on the salem radio network on the tv. So the way. I would put it. I an author new multiple new york times bestselling author And a radio and tv personality. I've just summed it up

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