Tommy Kirk, the child star in 'Old Yeller,' has died at 79


A former child actor who played in some old school Disney films has died Tony Curtis died he was a child star who played in Disney films such as old Jello and the shaggy dog he was seventy nine years old his death was announced by his friend and former child star Paul Peterson who says Kirk was found dead in his Las Vegas home but no cause of death was released creek started his career with several TV shows including some episodes of the Mickey Mouse club adventure series the hardy Boyz his big break came when you start S. Travis codes and the nineteen fifty seven film old Yeller a story about a teenage boy in his hero at yellow dog and in the shaggy dog creek played a teenage boy who was cursed by occasionally turning into a sheep dog Kerr continued acting movies in the nineteen nineties and two thousands I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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