Beto O'Rourke Steps Into Texas Gubernatorial Race Against Abbott in 2022


The Democrats have an agenda to try to turn Texas blue. They keep saying it's going to turn blue. Big news today, beto o'rourke, he's back. Running for governor challenging Greg Abbott, let me get the dean of Texas talk show hosts responds to that big breaking news. For those who don't remember 2018, beto o'rourke came out of virtually nowhere in El Paso member of Congress and managed to excite enough Democrats that he came to within two and a half percentage points of Ted Cruz, our biggest conservative rockstar. That was 2018. This is three years later. What's different now? Well, one thing he's running for governor and not for the Senate, the other thing is three years of time passing. The questions become, does he still have the same kind of moths to a flame drawing power for Democrats that he had three years ago? I think the short answer to that is yes. Democrats are naturally thrilled by the notion of having a rockstar like beto, run for governor. But you know what other kind of group beto energizes? Conservative voters. Who for three years have had a good solid memory of how crazy he is on the Second Amendment. In deeply wrong he is on boarders and the economy. He is saddled with the albatross of Joe Biden in this gubernatorial race. And so in taking calls on the fly about it, this very morning, I found two types of voters who were stoked that beto is running. Democrats ready to vote for him? Republicans ready to vote against him, so the key question is going to be which is the larger group. I think beto finishes closer to Greg Abbott, presuming he's the nominee. He does have competition. He finishes closer to Abbott than any other Democrat would have, but do I think beto is going to be the next governor of Texas? I decidedly do

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