Peter Doocy Presses Jen Psaki on 'Build Back Better' Bill Raising the Deficit


Jen Psaki still claims that the bed the build back better Whatever We'll reduce the deficit Even after the congressional budget office has said no it won't See this is what Jason whitlock was talking about on my Fox show last Sunday You have people who reject the truth who deny the truth And this is what destroys a country They want to believe what they want to believe That's their truth And they reject evidence they reject knowledge They experience In fact and they point the finger at you claiming you do That's what destroys a country Peter doocy that young man deserves every award in journalism He really does Cut 14 Go President gonna stop saying the build back better plan does not increase the deficits One single scent We now know that that is not true It is true and I would note the several economists and experts out there I think you're probably talking about the CBO score Which Joe Biden himself in 2010 called the gold standard For Democrats and Republicans Will Peter since we're all here to communicate with the public about accurate information what I would just note is that one of the components that experts Democrats and Republicans including former heads of the CBO have pointed to is that IRS IRS enforcement is not something that there's a lot of experience in the CBO a scoring They still squirted but it's got to shut up you idiot You liar

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