Dr. William Lile Uses Modern Obstetrics to Support the Personhood of Pre-Born Babies


Doctor Lyle, your organization and meeting you. I mean, it really affected me because I just thought you're in this world. You're in these trenches. So you take over this practice, you decide to end abortions in that area. I mean, has anyone ever thought of that before to go into an area and take over a place that does something like this? I've never heard of this as it seems like a brilliant strategy. Yeah, I mean, money, money has power money talks. I mean, there have been abortion clinics, which have actually been purchased by pregnancy resource centers there. You know, it's an active movement where you can just go in and take control. And that's what we do as far as education, as far as how we treat the pre born as patients. I mean, a lot of people don't realize that the mom even though she's an amazing life support system. Babies not part of her body. It's not her body. One of the things that we do, which is absolutely amazing is we can actually do blood transfusions directly to the baby. And we've done this at our hospital as early as 18 weeks gestation. It's like, well, why would you need to give a baby a blood transfusion? Because the mom sees the baby as a different person. And mom will actually send antibodies across the placenta attack the baby's blood because it's a different blood type and the baby's blood count will start to drop. And it can drop to the point where the baby will die on the inside unless we give the baby a blood transfusion. It's like, well, where do you get special baby blood? It's not special baby blood. That's just donating. Yeah. It's just donated at the Red Cross or one blood and we can take an ultrasound guy to go through the skin of the mom's belly through the wall of the uterus directly to the umbilical cord and just give the baby a lifesaving blood transfusion at 18 some weeks, you said? 18 weeks. When we've done that here at my hospital, but it's not just blood transfusions. We are now doing heart surgery at centers around the country at 22 weeks gestation. All right, this is where I mean, really, this is why I wanted you want to hear. This is unbelievable. That science has gotten to a level medical science where you can do heart surgery on a 22 year old 22 week old child in its mother's

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